June 17, 2024


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How many of you have grown up hearing your grandma say, “The secret to a healthy skin and hair is Oil.”? Yes, we know the count is pretty huge. But, when it comes to applying, most of us hate the idea. 

With the improvisation in skincare and makeup products, many new formulations of facial oils are available these days in the market and are widely loved by the customers. Unlike the heavy, sticky regular oils; which used to clog pores and cause other skin irritations, these new face oils and best essential oils for skin are prepared by keeping a lot of things in mind and are introduced to the market after undergoing a series of experiments.

What are face oils?

While talking about moisture and hydration, we immediately think about face creams or moisturizers. But, there is one more product which is available in the market – “ Face Oils”.

These skincare essentials like face oil for acne prone skin are specially formulated to provide better moisturization and lock in the hydration of the skin. Extracted from different plant seeds, nuts, kernels, and vegetables.

Benefits of Face Oils

Provides moisture and locks hydration: 

Dry or oily skin, a good face oil provides a lot of skin benefits. It seals the moisture which helps in keeping the skin hydrated for the long run. 

A good face oil can work as a moisturiser for oily skin as well as dry skin. All you need to do is apply a few drops of it regularly to see the magic. However, we recommend applying it twice if you have dry skin, while once for oily skin people.

Puts a ravishing glow to the skin: 

Regular application of face oils can really bring out that healthy glow to your skin. If you have dry skin or you feel like your face looks dull, then putting a few drops of essential oil for glowing skin can restore the glow.

Works as a primer for your foundation: 

Yes, it really does. A good face oil can be a good alternative for a primer. It provides a seamless, smooth base making the perfect canvas for your makeup.

Doesn’t mess with your open pores and calms down the rashes: 

Unlike old regular oils, face oils won’t clog your pores. However, some oils also contain inflammatory properties, which can help you with soothing out the irritating rashes. 

Please note, not all face oils are the same and it all depends on the formulation. We suggest taking advice from your dermatologist before applying anything to your skin.

Offers protection against from dirt and impurities: 

Wondering how? Face oil can work as a barrier to your outer skin layer protecting it from toxins and other harmful elements. Check out the formulation of your face oil, as a few surely add benefits like increasing collagen, fading out wrinkles, etc.

You can check out a few face oils  and the best oils for skin on the Health and Glow website.

Best fit for your skin!

As there is a huge range of face oils in the market, picking one just randomly is not an easy deal. Every skin type is unique and so is the pick of your oils should be!

Let us help you find out the best fit for your skin condition.

Face Oil for Oily Skin:

For oily skin, all you need is an oil that is lightweight, absorbs easily, and doesn’t clog pores.

Here are the few best face oil for oily skins:

  1. Jojoba Oil: One of the best oils for oily skin people, jojoba oil is super lightweight and it helps in balancing out the oil production in the face. Due to the small molecular structure, these oils penetrate deeper into the skin which is helpful in carrying active ingredients into the skin causing a lot of relief to skin issues from their root.
  2. Argan Oil: Best face oil for acne-prone skin, it is helpful in fighting against acne and balances out sebum production. It is even good at fading out the acne scars. Due to the presence of Vitamin E, it helps in the reduction of the damaging effects caused by free radicals.
  3. Tea Tree Oil: The Tea Tree Oil for face is considered the best natural antiseptic to control acne issues in oily skin. It works in reducing the growth of propionibacterium acnes which further helps in fighting against the production of acnes in your face.

Face Oil for Dry Skin:

People with dry skin need face oil which provides good hydration and nourishment to the skin.

Here are the few best face oil for dry skins:

  1. Neem Oil: Neem oil for skin is a great option for dry skin people. It has anti-inflammatory properties which prevents dryness and itchiness from the skin.
  2. Kumkumadi Oil: Kumkumadi face oil provides moisturization and keeps the skin smooth and soft. It is useful in enhancing the skin complexion and reducing dark circles.
  3. Almond Oil: Almond Oil for face has been used since centuries to treat dry skin conditions. It is a heavy oil and requires a carrier oil to use. This oil provides a good nourishment and it even improves the skin texture.

Face oils for Sensitive Skin:

Choosing an oil for sensitive skin is pretty difficult. The best suited essential oils for face are:

  1. Eucalyptus Oil: Eucalyptus Oil has inflammatory properties which work great to improve skin issues like acne and eczema. These oils have therapeutic properties which can treat small cuts, wounds and they are also great in relieving stress.
  2. Lavender Oil: A Lavender Oil is really soothing and has many therapeutic properties. It unclogs the pores and cleanses out the face. Besides, this oil also maintains a good balance in your skin. It prevents the skin from getting too oily or too dry, and thus a pretty good option for sensitive skin people.
  3. Tea Tree Oil: This versatile oil is an all natural antiseptic ingredient to treat your bacterial and fungal skin infections, which makes it good for oily as well as sensitive skin. This oil can even reduce itchiness and redness from the skin and can promote healing to these underlying skin issues. Tea tree oil acne cure is very popular.
  4. Almond Oil: Almond Oil aka Badam Oil for face has inflammatory properties that can soothe your irritated or inflamed skin. Almond oil for skin seals moisture to the skin, and thus a good product for both sensitive as well as dry skin. The best almond oil for face is non comedogenic and can treat skin issues like psoriasis and eczema. Almond oil for skin whitening is also a popular use.

Remember, each face massage oil has a different function and not everyone will suit you. The right one will surely pay a bunch of benefits to your skin. Find the best face oil for glowing skin online.