July 13, 2024


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Are you still being a good dog parent?

Are you still being a good dog parent?

Are you still being a good dog parent?

There is something about dog training resources that has always given me a break. Dogs or labradoodle pup need structure. Dogs and maltipoo volwassen need a schedule. Dogs and pomeriaan need perseverance.

Just typing it makes my palms sweat. I don’t know if it’s enough, or if, after seven years with Matilda and Cow, I’m still skeptical.

Can you relate?

We don’t work on training every day. Some days the whole structure goes out the window. And sometimes we have the best days where we get plenty of exercise, training time, play time, and fresh food, and I remember brushing my teeth before bed.

About a year ago I was diagnosed with ADHD-inattention type, but I don’t want to get into that much here. And I don’t think you need ADHD or depression or anxiety or any particular mental health condition to be related to it.

It doesn’t matter what your brain tastes like, cooking, taking care of yourself, caring for human family members, making money, keeping your home clean, and brushing your dog’s teeth. It’s difficult.

If you as a dog’s parent are struggling to “do it all”, and you feel guilty about it on a permanent basis – you are our friend. And if you don’t – you’re a friend too, but please teach us your ways.

Keep your home clean

I have to admit, I’m extremely jealous of the pet influencers on Instagram who can take a sudden shot of their dog at breakfast, and their home environment is clean, bleach white, and cluttered. Is pure


I take lots of cute pictures and videos of my pets, but when I go to upload them, I realize there is a deep blur on the carpet, there is a shoe in the corner, the screenwriter I’m looking for , Phone charger, plastic bags; just things. And that sounds awful.

One thing that has been a big help is our robot vacuum.

It cost about ً 150, a relatively inexpensive model. I’ve never had one before so I didn’t want spring for more expensive than that.

to reduce

I don’t think I’ll ever regret not cleaning too often. I’ve found a decent drain to keep my house clean and odor free, which is more important than just removing clutter and beautifying it. We are healthy.

No matter how much time I spend with my dogs, I know that the day I lay them down at the doctor’s desk for their last visit, I would only wish I had What else could have happened to them? I wish we went to the park more often, and I wish we could play every single day.

But I also regret not taking more pictures because I’m embarrassed by the clutter.