July 22, 2024


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5 Tips Every Couple Must Know For A Perfect Wedding Day

5 Tips Every Couple Must Know For A Perfect Wedding Day

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5 Tips Every Couple Must Know For A Perfect Wedding Day 

The wedding day is one of the most-awaited events for every couple. It’s the day when two people share their promises for a lifetime of togetherness while their loved ones are present to witness their union. Thus, many people enjoy attending weddings because of the shared love that’s going all over the place! 

The concept of a perfect wedding may vary for every couple. But every wedding shares some common things, like the reception, ceremony, food, and more. If you still feel lost on where exactly to begin in planning for your wedding, start with these five tips:

Decide On Your Wedding Attire And Color Tones 

Dress codes could also be applied when planning for a wedding day. For example, the bride and the groom should decide on the type of outfits they want to wear. Nowadays, it’s becoming normal not to abide by the norms of how weddings should be, like only wearing shades of white or pairing a dress with sneakers instead of heels. 

Try to ponder if, as a couple, you will be comfortable wearing traditional wedding attire like gown-and-suit or if you want to go for something unconventional, say, suit-and-suit. Wedding Suits are an all-time classic that could be an excellent option for both the groom and male guests to coordinate appropriately with the bride’s gown. But, nowadays, not only grooms can wear a tux on their wedding day, but also the brides. 

If you’re considering wedding suits, ensure that you get your proper measurements considering how you both want to appear on your wedding day to create a cohesive theme. 

Also, as a couple, you can decide on the color tone you want your guests to wear. Of course, you wouldn’t want the guests to overpower your look on your special day. Thus, ensure your guests are also guided on the outfits they can and can’t wear and don’t forget to always prioritize feeling comfortable in the attire you wear! 

You Have To Set And Attend Meetings 

Planning for your wedding day isn’t something that can be done overnight, especially if you plan on having a big celebration. Thus, you must set and attend meetings with your wedding organizers to ensure that you all know what you aim for to achieve your desired wedding. 

In setting up meetings, ensure that every important person is available on that day. Instead of having phone calls, meetings are more beneficial as they allow people to convey their thoughts and communicate more effectively and properly. Also, it helps build a better team relationship with your organizers, caterers, and more. 

Make sure you can communicate all your concerns with your hired wedding professionals, especially the rates. There’s no problem, though, in setting meetings online, especially if you have proximity issues, but make sure you have a stable internet connection, and you can present what you have in mind properly. 

Consider the Weather Conditions 

In wedding planning, considering the weather conditions is a must as they could result in having few or even no guests. Also, you might end up postponing your celebration because of bad weather conditions. Thus, ensure you keep updated on the weather forecast through radios, online searches, applications, or local news to guide you. 

If you can, try to monitor the weather even weeks before leading to your wedding day. Although some people interpret rain during their wedding as something romantic, that isn’t always the case for everyone. 

If you suspect that there will be a typhoon and you’ll have an outdoor wedding, it wouldn’t be a great idea to push through with the wedding since you might risk yourself and your guests’ safety and comfort. Better yet, have a backup plan, such as setting an alternative venue in case an outdoor wedding ceremony cannot push through.

RSVPs In Invitations Could Help You Save Unnecessary Expenses 

Sending out wedding invitations is a great idea to let people know that you’re about to get married and they are invited to witness your union. But it’s inevitable that some people might show up on your wedding day uninvited, which could mean additional plates and glasses for food and drinks. 

Make sure uninvited guests cannot gatecrash on your wedding. Although it may seem rude, setting boundaries is important as a couple, especially on your special day. Hence, the best way to do this is to have an RSVP on your invitation, helping the wedding organizers to allow only the guests to attend your celebration. 

Hiring A Professional Photographer Is A Must 

Photographs could help a person reminisce about the great moments they have shared with their loved ones. In this sense, there’s a huge need to hire a professional photographer to capture great moments during your wedding day. Besides, spending money on a perfect wedding day must be documented so that everything doesn’t just become a memory someday and you’d have something to look back on. 

Sometimes, some couples ask their guests to prevent them from using their phones during the wedding. Instead, they hire professionals to capture the reactions, happenings, and special moments of everyone during that day.

Hiring a professional is a great way to have a more meaningful wedding day where guests are not distracted by their phones. Instead, everyone will be focused on enjoying the day, including you and your other half! 

Final Thoughts 

The perfect wedding day is not hard to achieve if you know how to plan. It may seem different for every couple, but what matters is that you know the basics of how a wedding should go. Thus, stated above are a few must-knows to achieve a perfect wedding day suitable for every type of couple out there!