April 13, 2024


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Unbelievably Badass Gifts For A Male Friend – evermée

Unbelievably Badass Gifts For A Male Friend – evermée

inding an ideal gift for the men in your life is a tedious task!

After all, the masculine race has high standards and is hard-to-please.

When it comes to gifts and surprises.

Forget those boring shirts, watches, perfumes, or fitness equipment.

Most men are tired of these.

Besides, most guys are badass, maybe not by their appearance or age.

But from their heart, that’s what men are, BADASS!

And that’s what they like their gift to be.

Your male friend can be your father, brother, friend, or lover.

Whoever it is, they all have the undying cravings for badass cool things.

These gifts with the ‘Badass Factor’ would definitely satiate their likings.

Gifts For A Male Friend: Essential 5 Qualities

Guys of all ages love astonishing surprises and gifts.

But, most of them would not agree to their choice of gift.

That’s when choosing the best gift for them becomes a nightmare.

To make your life easier.

We have formulated this list of badass gifts for a male friend.

But before diving into that.

Let’s look at the qualities a gift should possess to create a lasting impact.


Timeless, above ordinary, hard-to-find – from latest to antiquated thing.

A gift should have the element of rarity.

A gift with uniqueness is a thousand times more valuable.


No matter how expensive your gift is if it is not useful to your male friend.

It is worthless.

A gift that adds value to the recipient’s life is far more memorable.


There is no excitement without an element of surprise.

A gift that’s more to the eye will surely be remembered for years to come.

A gift with a surprising element brings excitement.


Finding the best gift takes time and effort.

The recipient should feel that their desires are met with your gift.

A thoughtful gift never goes unnoticed.


The best gifts are tied to occasions, moments, life stages, beginnings, etc.

It should be reminiscent of the beautiful moments of the recipient’s life.

A meaningful gift uplifts a person.

Is There A Gift With All 5 Qualities?

Perfect Gift For A Male Friend

I am sure.

Most of you would go nuts.

Thinking of a gift that has all the above 5 qualities.

But don’t you worry.
We have got your back.

A gift that is Unique, Useful, Surprising, Thoughtful, and Meaningful.

Is none other than an evermée men’s necklace.

Yes, you’ve read it right!

A necklace.

A spectacular piece of jewelry exceptionally crafted for all the men out there.

This necklace has all the elements a man would love and cherish.

On top of that, it can store photos.


Yes, just like your phone.

But in an exquisite little piece of gemstone.

The most fun part is, you can even change/add photos remotely.

Excited To Know More?

List Of Unbelievably Badass Gifts

Let’s unveil these unbelievably badass gifts.

Without any further ado.

Shall we?

Classy Briefcase

Gift For A Male Friend

A perfect companion of every working man.

Whether your friend is a businessman, lawyer, engineer, or a student.

A classy briefcase will help him store all his important stuff during his travels.

Moreover, classy things never go out of trend and style.

Just like the evermée necklace for men.

Cool, classy and total badass. 

Find More!

Tool Kit

Gift For A Male Friend

It is one of the best badass gifts of all time for a male friend.

Tool kits are well-received gifts.

It can also be an ideal gift for someone who is a DIY person.

With screwdrivers, hammers, ratchets, and other tools.

Your male friend can create or break whatever he wants!

Gaming Console

Gift For A Male Friend

Who doesn’t like gaming?

Gone are the days when gaming was only for kids.

Nowadays, most men are fond of gaming consoles.

If your male friend is one of them.

Then a gaming console can be the badass gift for him.

Vintage Shaving Kit

Gift For A Male Friend

Back to the basics is what this gift is about.

Electric shavers are too mainstream for a few men.

But old conventional shavers, they are cool and look badass.

High precision manual razor can be a perfect choice for your male friend.

Set of Golf Clubs

Gift For A Male Friend

Not all men play golf.
But those who do always crave new golf clubs.

If your friend is into golf.

Then perhaps a set of the golf club will be a cool gift for him.

Whiskey Tasting Set

Gift For A Male Friend

For a friend who is a whiskey connoisseur.

What’s better than a whiskey-tasting set.

He can try his preferred whiskey to enjoy the aroma and flavor.

A badass gift for someone who is into whiskey.

If your friend is not one of them.

Or perhaps you want to gift them something which is a little sober and would look.

Then you can check out the evermée memories necklace for men.

Stylish yet badass in its own way!

Survival Kit

Gift For A Male Friend

For the friend who loves venturing into the unknown.

He would love a survival kit.

Moreover, if your male friend is not an adventurous person.

Then also, he would possibly enjoy receiving a survival gift.

After all, who gifts someone a survival kit.

Leather Wallet

Gift For A Male Friend

It doesn’t matter who you are shopping for.

A wallet is the necessity of every male friend.

A classic leather wallet is something every man would love.

Body Care Set

Gift For A Male Friend

Who on Earth doesn’t love to smell and look good?

To help your male friend enhance their personality.

A body care kit can be the way to go.

Lastly, when it comes to look.

Accessories are a must, and what’s better than a men’s necklace.

A stunning necklace that holds a cool gemstone.

That your dear friend can wear to flaunt his style and your love.

The evermée men’s necklace is one of the best gifts for a male friend.

Go, Check It Out, Now!

Dos & Don’ts When Choosing A Gift

Gifts For A Male Friend


– Keep the gift a surprise.

– The gift should show your care and appreciation.

– Recall the person and his taste.


– Keep the gift a surprise.

– The gift should show your care and appreciation.

– Recall the person and his taste.

To Wrap It Up,

Not all gifts are perfect.

Only things that look and feel – Unique, Useful, Surprising, Thoughtful, and Meaningful.

Are perfect.

Said that finding gifts for a male friend is not an easy task.

With plenty of options, there’s no guarantee he would love any.

Therefore, a personalized gift with a surprise element is a perfect choice.

This is what evermée men’s necklace is all about.

We are sure this gift would make your male friend cry tears of joy!

Happy Shopping!