July 12, 2024


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Make it Meaningful (at Christmas or all year around)

Make it Meaningful (at Christmas or all year around)

Meaningful gift ideas: silver and gold jewellery gifts for women

A well-made piece of jewellery from a loved one can be a gift we wear every day, with emotional ties to the person from whom it came. Many are lucky enough to have pieces that have been passed down through generations. The right piece can pick us up when we’re down or can work like a protective shield; as though we carry our loved ones with us.

This year for Christmas we recommend making it meaningful; chose a gift that has a lot of thought behind it. Here are some choices we’ve put together, including pieces from our latest Australian Flora Range, inspired by stunning native flowers and plants.

Don’t forget that it doesn’t have to be Christmas to give meaningful gifts, so these suggestions will work all year around. Read on …

Wattle it be?

The popular golden wattle has been a marker of seasonal change in Australia for tens of thousands of years. First Nations people have utilised the wattle tree and flowers not only as an indicator of seasonal change, but also as a source of food, medicine and raw materials for making musical or hunting implements. As a species the tree has been part of the Australian landscape for 35 million years, with the golden wattle featuring on our Coat of Arms and as our official national flower. It’s a pretty big deal.

Being quintessentially Australian, and growing in pretty much every state, the wattle has also been used as a symbol of national solidarity in times of crisis. It’s a familiar spring sight, one that evokes joy with glorious golden flowers, which Simone has used in her new collection.

A wattle necklace or gold signet ring with a wattle motif as a present could signify the promise that positive change is afoot, or to symbolise standing in solidarity with a friend or loved one. They’re also a great choice for those of us who wish to embrace the wattle but are generally too allergic to enjoy spring (not the wattle’s fault mind).

Wattle signet ring in solid gold Wattle and yellow sapphires pendant necklace in sterling silver

Don’t settle petal

Part of the citrus family, the boronia shrub exists in all states of Australia and is part of a whopping 160 species of flowering plants. The boronia flower generally has four separate open petals, which are thought to signify a connection between all things.

The open nature of the flower is thought to expand the heart, vision and self-awareness, while also bringing laughter and joy. The flower itself a has a strong, sweet-scented smell which is used in perfume production or in floristry. It may even remind you of someone you know.

The boronia and pink tourmaline necklace, we believe, would suit a young relative about to make their way out into the world, with the flower reminding them of home and to keep an open heart, to trust themselves and to take joy in their first big adventure. Also take a look at the sweet and simple matching pink tourmaline and gold stud earrings.

Sterling silver boronia necklace with a pink tourmaline gemstone Handmade pink tourmaline and solid gold stud earrings


There’s always that one person you ‘love to the moon and back’, say your Nan, bestie or a beloved pet. As part of our amulets range, this Victorian-style moon and back locket in silver is a great gift for the person that fills that sentiment.

The locket has a small space to hold a picture or even a small personal artefact like a pet’s discarded whisker. It’s a good every day wear piece as it goes with pretty much everything. The gemstone is a luminous white moonstone, to light your way back to the one you love.

Looking for something simpler with the same sentiment? Take a look at our little moon and stars silver pendant, featuring a tiny marcasite gem.

Also see our Amulets Range, which includes many other jewellery designs inspired by wishes for good luck, protection and love, pretty much covering all the bases for a person close to your heart.

Moon and star silver pendant necklace with marcasite gemstone

To protect your lucky charms

Many cultures believe a person can use the power of the eye to convey a curse onto an enemy, targeting them with bad luck and physical/psychic harm. The power of the evil eye, or Mati, dates as far back as 6th century Greece. Fortunately, the eye amulet was designed to protect its wearer from such things, helping dispel any curses and looking very stylish as it does so.

Our plain silver eye amulet necklace is discrete so they’ll never see you coming. It’s part of our wider Amulets Range, which features different jewels and formats, including the solid gold eye amulet necklace with tsavorite gem for a bolder version of this necklace.

Whichever style you choose, an amulet is an ideal gift for someone who’s been going through a rough time. Even if they don’t believe in curses, they’ll be sure that you are keeping an eye out for them every day.

For that person who brings joy into your life

Daisies are not just a pretty face; they also provide a valuable food source for bees, flowering all year ‘round. They signify friendship and warmth, making them perfect for that friend who always picks you up when you’re feeling down.

Opals are thought to amplify your thoughts and put them through the wash, bringing clarity and energy. They also have the advantage of changing colour, depending on the light, making them versatile.

This daisy and opal ring and matching daisy necklace work together beautifully and are two customer faves. We love them as they replicate that glow and joy one feels when meeting up with someone precious to us. Plus, the lucky recipient can mix and match the ring with others in our range or their own collection.

No matter what pieces you choose, our diverse ranges will likely feature a piece that your friends or loved one swill treasure forever. You know them best after all.

If you need more inspiration take a look at our Christmas shopping guide, including our meaningful gift ideas. Happy shopping!