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Celebrate Irish Artisans Holiday Gift Guide, the Best of Ireland

Celebrate Irish Artisans Holiday Gift Guide, the Best of Ireland

Irish Celebrate gift Guide 11-22 w dragon.JPG

Caoimhe Murphy sheer ruffled dress is sexy and sweet in dreamy pink. A stunningly menacing dragon forged from fire and iron by artisan blacksmiths of Bushy Park Ironworks. Brilliant amethyst cocktail ring by jewellery designer Yvonne Ross.

Irish 11-22 busy park garden gate (2) cropped.jpg

Enticing you into a garden of earthly delights with iron fashioned into tender tendrils. A glorious iron gate by Bushy Park Ironworks in Dublin. Created by Edward Bisgood and Colm Bagnall in 1990, Bushy Park Ironworks design, forge and fabricate in a range of metals for public and private architectural projects.

Irish 11-22 busy parken gold blk gate (2) cropped.jpg

Gabriel’s gate. Blowing horns in a triumph of the craft of blacksmithing. Bushy Park Ironworks.

Irish 11-22 busy park garden gate w jewel (3) cropped.jpg

What is a gate? Is it a barrier to keep out the riff-raff? In the hands of the consummate artisans of Bushy Park Ironworks, a gate is a work of art, a whimsical beginning of a fantasy, as yet to unfold.

Irish 11-22 Galica modern handbag (2) cropped.jpg

Contemporary leather handbags by Galica Leather of Dublin are entirely handmade.

Irish 11-2 modern galica-leather-back-pack (2) cropped.jpg

Minimalist, modern leather backpack in deep teal. Galica Leather.

Irish 11-3 blue and tan leather-bucket-bag-Galica (2) cropped.jpg

Beautiful, handcrafted drawstring bucket bags in sustainable Italian, vegetable tanned leather. Galica Leather.

Irish craft cocktails CraftCocktails_MixedBundle_6cocktails__ (2) cropped.jpg

Craft Cocktails, winner of Ireland’s Best Cocktail award in 2019.

Irish Craft Cokctail YuletideNegroni_ (3) cropped.jpg

Santa just might prefer a warming Negroni cocktail instead of milk and cookies when he tumbles down your chimney. Craft Cocktails are a range of premium, colorfully bottled cocktails, hand mixed by an award winning team of bartenders in Dublin.

Belfast_coffee_ craft cocktail irish (2) cropped.jpg

Invented by Craft Cocktails, Belfast Coffee is a blend of cold brew coffee, premium Irish poitín, (“Irish moonshine”) and rich demerara syrup.

Irish 11-22 Leonora Ferguson sust wire headgear (2) cropped.JPG

Sustainable milliner Leona Ferguson fashions elegant headpieces for connoisseurs of fashion. This dramatic headpiece is crafted from piñatex, made from pineapple leaf fiber. It has a similar weight and feel to leather. This piece consists of a laser cut design based on a lace pattern, backed with tulle and wired to hold its shape.

Irish 11-22 Leonora Ferguson irish lace headpiece featyred in Brown Thomas lace by Kathie Earle (2) cropped.JPG

A charming collaborative between Leonora and award winning lace maker Kathie Earle. The Irish lace wildflowers are fashioned into a headpiece fit for the queen of the fairies. Featured in Brown Thomas’ Create 2021! Leonora Ferguson was awarded Millinery Designer of the Year at the Irish Fashion Innovation Awards in 2018, the Traditional Lace makers of Ireland Award and the Eleanor de la Branchardière Award for Innovation in Lace at the RDS Craft Awards.

Irish Eriness_butterfly necklace (2) cropped.jpg

The tiniest of butterflies, sparkling in a delicate array of colors. Mini diamond ombré butterfly necklaces by Eriness Jewellery.

Irish 11-22 Eriness diamond signet ring rose gold (2) cropped.jpg

Diamond signet ring fashioned in rose gold. Eriness Jewellery.

Irish 11-22 Eriness multi color bangle (2) cropped.jpg

Rose gold bangle bracelet set with a multitude of colorful gemstones. Eriness Jewellery.

Ireland Eriness Jewellery Resist diam ring (2) cropped.jpg

Diamond and yellow gold RESIST ring by Eriness Jewellery. Let your jewelry make a statement.

Irish 11-22 Cao Murphy blk silk bomer jkt (2) cropped.jpg

Feminine with an edge. Striking silk and taffeta floral bomber jacket by Caoimhe Murphy.

Caoimhe graduated with a BA in Fashion Design from NCAD in 2019.  Since then she has worked under several industry luminaries –  Helen Cody, Simone Rocha and Sorcha O’Raghallaigh. Caoimhe’s work is feminine, quirky and distinctive; using natural materials such as organic silks and cottons, often employing embellishment and manipulation techniques in her designs. All pieces are made by hand in Dublin.

Irish 11-22 youtube video CIFD still (2) cropped.JPG

See the stunning work of many other talented Irish fashion designers along with Caoimhe here. Watch the Youtube video of the Autumn/Winter 2022 Premiere of the Council of Irish Fashion Designers. Image: CIFD.

Irish 11-22 Sinead O moore blue porcelain (2) cropped.JPG

Luminous pale blue porcelain vessel with spoon by contemporary ceramic artist Sinead O’Moore.

Irish 11-22 Sinead omorre blue porcelain etsy (2) cropped use this.jpg

Lovely organic vessel in porcelain by Sinead O’Moore.

Irish 11-22 Sinead o moore pink bowl (2) cropped.jpg

Bold form and vibrant pink porcelain by Sinead O’Moore Ceramics, Wicklow, Ireland.

Irish 11-22 mens aran grn cowl nk sweater (2) cropped.jpg

What’s an Irish artisan gift guide without authentic Aran sweaters? Aran Sweater Market. The Aran Islands are located off the coast of Galway in western Ireland.

Irish 11-22 aran mens tweed jkt connected cable knit slvs (2) cropped.jpg

Classic Irish tweed combined with Irish hand knit wool sleeves. The perfect jacket for the country squire and just about everyone else. Aran Sweater Market.

Irish 11-22 aran cashmere leggings (2) cropped.jpg

Who couldn’t use a pair of cozy cashmere cable knit leggings? Aran Sweater Market.

Irish 11-22 Aran mens leather jkt (2) cropped.jpg

Fashionable leather jacket for men. Aran Sweater Market.

Irish 11-22 romz J feather trim cardigan (2) cropped.jpg

Handmade contemporary knitwear by Romz J.

Irish 11-22 romz j swirl swtr (2) cropped.jpg

Romz J. Handmade knit sweater, two tone trousers.

Irish 11-22 romz J hand painted pants (2) cropped.jpg

Hand painted pants, hand knit sweater featuring a bow in the back. Romz J.

Irish 11-22 pure oskar handmade soap from Anam (3) cropped use this.jpg

Fresh and natural Cucumber Lime handmade soap by Pure Oskar, available through ANAM.

Irish 11-22 pure oskar sheep soap (2) cropped.jpg

The adorable Curragh Sheep Soap by Pure Oskar, through ANAM. Pure Oskar is a family run, Irish skincare brand specializing in ethical, natural, high-end soaps.

Irish 11-22 pure Oskar honey soap (2) cropped.jpg

Milk and honey soap, by Pure Oskar, through ANAM.

Irish 11-3 Sorcha-Cloney-painting irish art market (2) cropped.jpg

Turn a boring white wall into a dynamic, dazzling art gallery. Vibrant acrylic painting,“ Tempestuous,” by Sorcha Cloney available through the Irish Art Market.

Irish 11-22 Dorinda McComack yellow woven purse (2) cropped.jpg

Professional spinner and weaver Dorinda McCormack fashions breathtaking handbags in Newbliss, Co. Monaghan, Ireland.

Irish 11-22 Dorinda McComack blue pink clutch woven (2) cropped.jpg

Clutch with original fabric woven on the loom by Dorinda McCormack.

Irish 11-22 Dorinda McComack purple hand woven purse (2) cropped.jpg

Glorious handbag hand woven by Dorinda McCormack.

Irish 11-22 Dorinda Mccomack acron pin w red blue (2) cropped.jpg

Enchanting acorn pin by Dorinda McCormack accented with hand woven fabric.

Irish 11-22 yvonneross HalvedHaloRing-grn saph (2) cropped.jpg

Green Sapphire Halved Halo Ring accented with diamonds by jewellery designer Yvonne Ross.

Iris 11-22 yvonneross delicate drop pendant w stone (3) cropped.jpg

Delicate drop pendants of yellow gold and assorted natural gemstones, Yvonne Ross.

Irish 11-22 Yvonne rosss ancient med letters mens rings ogham (2)cropped.jpg

Men’s forged sterling silver Ogham ring with hand engraved ancient Ogham writing by Yvonne Ross.

Ogham is an early Medieval alphabet used primarily to write the initial Irish language.

Irish 11-3 green pendanr Yvonne Ross (2) cropped.jpg

Breathtaking “Forest Pendant” handcrafted in 18ct yellow gold with an elongated pear shape forest green tourmaline gemstone, highlighted with a brilliant cut diamond. Yvonne Ross.

Irish 11-22 Natalie Coleman jewellery scarf (2) cropped.jpg

If Santa turns out to be a cheap-o this Christmas, here’s the perfect silk scarf you’ll need to wear, designed by contemporary fashion designer Natalie Coleman.

Irish 11-22 redufus clem sock puppy (2) cropped.jpg

This sweet sock puppy is ready to make a special child’s Christmas wish come true. Handmade from a brightly colored pair of socks, this darling pup is a finely crafted soft sculpture, ready to be loved. Red Rufus of Dublin.

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