July 18, 2024


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Whistl announces £12 million investment in fleet


Whistl announces £12 million investment in fleet

Whistl has launched a £12 million investment fleet expansion and renewal programme that will see it update its fleet over the next twelve months.

The investment includes Euro VI compliant: I7 Peugeot Boxer 435 Vans; 26 18t and 17 26t ridged trucks; and 126 Renault T-Range Tractor Units.

It will also be introducing 115 new trailers, including 70 new box trailers; 30 new curtain trailers that will be XL rated, ensuring better load security; and a further 15 curtain XL rated trailers with tail lifts fitted.

The Peugeot Boxer 435 Vans are on leases that enable Whistl to swap them with electric powered replacements when they become available.

The company is also consolidating all the transport fleet across the group this year under a new transport management system to better utilise the fleet, maximising loads and reducing mileage.

Alistair Cochrane, chief executive of Whistl, said: “We are continuing to invest in our fleet right across the group including the businesses we have acquired in the last few years, such as Parcelhub, It is important that we ensure that we operate efficiently and as environmentally sustainable as possible; our flexible lease contracts on the Boxer Vans reflect this.”

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