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What Underwear to Wear with Leggings


what underwear to wear with leggings

Best Underwear to Wear with Leggings

These days, leggings are a staple in nearly every woman’s wardrobe. The past few years have forced fashion trends to be more relaxed. We’ve all become creative with dressing up loungewear. Leggings just make sense for today’s common lifestyle! After you find your favorite pair of leggings, the next obvious question you’ll have: what underwear to wear with leggings?

In this post, I am sharing my top three recommended pairs and my top three pair I would NOT recommend for leggings.

Earlier this year, I spent a small fortune to test out and find the best pair of full coverage underwear for leggings. With a young toddler in the house, we are constantly on the go and very active. Comfort, versatility, and functionality is top priority for every piece of clothing added to my wardrobe these days. This extends down to undergarments. A quality pair of panties is the foundation to any mom’s style and wardrobe.

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Qualities of Underwear for Leggings

These are the seven characteristics to look for in order to find the best underwear to wear with leggings. Scroll through to see which pair I found to check all seven boxes and which pairs I would NOT recommend for leggings!


The most sought-after underwear for leggings must have little to no VPL (visible panty line). I recently tested several pairs and this was my #1 must have. Many I tried would have invisible VPL if worn under thick fabric (jeans or trousers), however leggings require a specific style panty line to be completely invisible.


This is a personal preference. For me, and I think most moms agree, full coverage underwear are the pairs we reach for the most. They’re just more comfortable! Nothing cheeky or partial coverage, I am talking maximum coverage!

Thongs are the obvious choice when it comes to invisible VPL with leggings, though. If that’s what you want, these would be great with leggings!


As a mom, comfort is key. Period. No matter what we wear, it must be comfortable. This gets back to the coverage topic. There are plenty of panty styles that work great with leggings but have very little coverage & make them uncomfortable for full day wear. Less coverage often means you’ll spend more time adjusting during the day.

Stay Put

This goes along with comfort, but when determining what underwear to wear with leggings I don’t want anything that rides up mid-way through a morning walk or grocery run. A great pair will stay in place all. day. long. No matter the activity.


A tag is wrong for so many reasons when it comes to what underwear to wear with leggings. First, leggings are tight! Tags become a bother when there’s very little wiggle room between fabric & skin. Second, they are irritating as the tag can get all bunched up. Having a good tagless pair will also ensure a smooth, invisible look under leggings.


Most women will agree, the perfect pair to go with leggings would turn invisible as soon as you put your leggings on. This is possible if you find a good seamless pair AND have high quality leggings. With these two pairings, my favorite (full coverage) underwear is virtually invisible under leggings.

These Fabletics leggings are a personal favorite when it comes to high quality leggings. Lululemon is also a widely popular brand, though I do not own a pair myself… (yet).

These budget friendly leggings, from Target, are my go-to. They are thick, not see through, squat proof, and breathable. I wear them 1-2 times per week.


Leggings are naturally tight against your body, therefore moisture control is an important quality of underwear for leggings. This is particularly true if you wear leggings during exercise. You’ll want sweat-wicking fabric to ensure any extra moisture doesn’t linger or soak through your leggings.

Top 3 Pairs (personally tested)

From best to worst, these are the top three I tested and would recommend. For size reference, I typically wear a size 4 pants and medium in leggings. I followed the size guide on each retailer site when purchasing the below items.

Vince Camuto Hipster Brief

BUY THESE and don’t think twice! These check all of the qualities noted above. I originally purchased to wear with leggings but they quickly became an everyday pair for me. What I love most is that these are completely invisible under my thinnest leggings and they stay put! They’re comfortable and super soft. Unlike other pairs I’ve tried, this Vince Camuto set holds their shape after several washes. I purchased in Medium.

What Underwear to wear with leggings

Soma Vanishing Edge

A very close second to the Vince Camuto Hipster Brief. The Soma Vanishing Edge Hipster is also an excellent option to wear with leggings. My only hesitation with these is that the top seam line is visible under leggings, this just didn’t pair well with my high-rise leggings. Otherwise, these are great and are perfect to wear with jeans and trousers. The cheek lines are invisible and these stay put 100%! Fabric is very comfortable and they hold up after several washes. I purchased size Small.

Soma offers this high-rise version of the vanishing edge panty that would probably solve the problem of the top seam showing.

Jockey No Panty Line Promise

The Jockey No Panty Line Promise Tactel Hip Brief checked most of the boxes, however the side seam was incredibly noticeable for me and the front leg line was semi-noticeable. Not terrible, but thought it should be mentioned. The leg opening seam is not as smooth and flat as compared to the Vince Camuto and Soma pairs, however the seam sits in the natural crease of the leg, making it nearly invisible in the back. I purchased in size Small.

I also tried this style from Jockey, but they are better suited for jeans and other pant styles.


Least Favorite Pairs with Leggings

Calvin Klein

The Invisibles Hipster by Calvin Klein are truly invisible; however, they are not comfortable. They ride up and get bunched up very easily around the leg opening. These came highly rated from another site, but sadly did not work for me. The material is the thinnest of all the pairs I tried. Purchased size small.


I thought buying an athletic brand of underwear would be a no brainer, since so many athletic bottoms are leggings and tight fitting. These seamless hipster briefs just didn’t work for me. They ride up after a couple washes and do not wear well with other style pants.

Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essentials Seamless/No Show Panties for Leggings

This was the first pair I had purchased on my journey to find the best underwear to wear with leggings. I absolutely loved these and thought they were winners. Unfortunately, after two washes they would not hold their shape and would ride up, making them extremely uncomfortable. Wanted to love them so badly, but they ended up in the trash after a few wears.




best underwear with leggings


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