June 20, 2024


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What to Wear on a Plane: My Travel Uniform


I’ve pretty much had the same airport style for the best decade. Case in point: the photo on the left is what I wore to fly to New York this week. And the photo on the right is what I wore to fly back from New York in 2016. Sure, my travel uniform has changed a little over the years (different shoes, a new bag, etc). But when it comes to what to wear on a plane, I’ve always stuck to a comfy classic formula.

Layer, Layer, Layer!

No matter the season, I always layer for a flight. Nine times out of ten it’s freezing on a plane. But you never know when it will get super hot (it’s happened and let me tell you, it’s not fun). Here is what I always wear on a plane on top:

  1. Lightweight Base Layer: I generally stick to cotton, like a simple tee or wrinkle-free button down shirt.
  2. Sweater or cardigan: Depending on the season, I’ll either do cotton cardigan or a warm cozy pullover.
  3. Blanket scarf: Even in the middle of summer, I always bring a blanket scarf. Again, it usually is freezing on a plane and there aren’t always blankets.
  4. Jacket: This is where I switch it up the most. If it’s a rainy spring trip, I’ll layer with my trench coat. In the summer, I usually bring a denim jacket. And in fall/winter, I’ll wear my heaviest coat I’m brining.

This trip, I actually combined #2 and #3 with this cardigan wrap. It’s hard to tell in the mirror selfie photo but you can see the full outfit details better on Instagram Reels.

Dark on bottom

On bottom I always wear black or dark denim. Airports can be dirty and I don’t want to walk off a plane with stained pants! I also always make sure my pants are super stretchy. Here are the three types of bottoms I wear on a plane:

  1. Shiny Leggings: They look almost like leather leggings but they’re way more breathable and stretchy. Almost all the ones I have are from this brand.
  2. Dark Jeggings: I always look for ones that are mostly cotton with a little spandex. These are my favorites because they look like jeans but feel like leggings.
  3. Joggers: Again it depends on the season for what type of joggers I wear. In warmer months I’ll do cotton and in colder months I’ll wear my cashmere ones.

Lustrous Leggings

Chic Dark Jeggings

Comfy Cute Joggers

Slip on footing

I like to wear shoes that easily slip on and off. For winter, I generally do flat boots (always roomy ones since your feet can expand on a flight). And for warmer months I’ll either do a slip-on sneaker or loafers. These loafers are the comfiest ever! Plus, they hide my no-show socks. I always wear some type of sock when I’m flying. Again, airports can be dirty!

Strategic Bagging

I know you’re only allowed to bring two bags on a plane. But I always bring three. And it’s never breaking the rules because one always fits in the other. Here are the three bags I bring on board:

  1. Crossbody or Belt Bag: I like to keep a small bag close to my body for easy access to my essentials (phone, lip balm and hand sanitizer). When I go through TSA or board the plane, I simply put my small bag in my shoulder bag.
  2. Roomy Weekender: For years I carried this bag. I loved it because it weighed nothing and was expandable. Then I was introduced to this bag. And I’m obsessed with this one because it has pockets for everything. And it’s super chic. So I now swap between the two.
  3. Carry-On Spinner: Even when I’m checking a bag, I still bring my roller bag (All my luggage is from this collection). I have a bad back so I find it way easier to push a roller bag with a weekender on top rather than carrying a heavy bag on my shoulder. Plus, I have more room to pack a change of clothes just in case the airline loses my bag. I’ve been doing this ever since that happened to me the first time I went to fashion week.

Minimal Accessories

I don’t really like to wear too many accessories on a plane. I, of course, keep on the dainty gold jewelry I wear every day. And if I’m bringing expensive jewelry (like these new earrings my boyfriend got me for birthday), I’ll wear them. I never want to chance losing them in a bag.

I always always stuff a baseball cap in my bag just in case I get off the plane and my hair is a mess. Oh, and a face mask, of course.

I hope this helps you next time you’re packing for a trip! For more travel ideas, check out the Travel Section of my blog!


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