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What Shoes To Wear With White Jeans – The Best Colour Shoes That Go With White Jeans


What Shoes To Wear With White Jeans – The Best Colour Shoes That Go With White Jeans

I absolutely love to wear white jeans. They’re a great item of clothing to wear in the summer, but now they’re an all year round thing.

One thing that people ask is what shoes to wear with white jeans? It’s a good question, in terms of the style and more importantly the colour of shoes with white jeans.

I’ve tried out my white jeans with a range of shoe types and shoe colours.

Here’s what footwear you should pair with white jeans.

Brown Smart Shoes With White Jeans

Smart Brown Shoes with White Jeans

When it comes to pairing, I think brown shoes and white jeans go together perfectly well. I’ve picked out my brown Loakes which are a smart shoe and a pair I really like. Pairing them up with some clean white denim jeans keeps the overall look smart and airy.

This combination works really well in summer in a smart casual setting. When I think about what to wear with white jeans, these shoes are my go to for a night out and any smart occasion.

Navy Trainers With White Jeans

Blue Trainers With White Jeans

When I want to go for a more casual and edgy style, wearing a pair of navy blue trainers with white jeans is the way to go.

The trainers I’ve gone for are the classic Adidas Gazelle’s which give off a nice retro 90’s look, but still feel modern. These are quite smart as trainers go, with a low profile. White jeans and navy footwear really look nice together.

Black Shoes With White Jeans

Black Shoes With White Jeans

The bigg
est contrasting of colours has to be wearing black shoes with white jeans. These two colours are obviously the polar opposite, and set each other off well.

The black shoes look darker, the white jeans look brighter, and both work well together. I’ll want to keep both of these as clean as possible, to keep the outfit fresh and crisp.

Brown Brogues With White Jeans

Brown Brogues With White Jeans

One of my go to pairs of footwear when I want a smart casual edge is a pair of brown brogues with white jeans. They’re still smart shoes, but not as formal as a pair of Oxford shoes.

Brogues make a good pairing with white denim in all weathers and seasons.

White Trainers With White Jeans

White Trainers With White Jeans

Going for an all white look is brave, so wearing white trainers and white jeans is going to be a pretty niche look. I have put together this outfit which combines my white Adidas Stan Smith trainers with white jeans.

There’s not many occasions to wear white with white, but I’d suggest this is strictly a summer combo, wearing at an all white party if that’s your thing.

Blue Shoes With White Jeans

Blue Shoes With White Jeans

I’ve worn my blue shoes with white jeans a few times. Just like navy trainers, the blue shoes work well with white denim. There’s just something about the dark blue and white combination that really goes well together.

Black Chelsea Boots With White Jeans

When it comes to alternatives to shoes, Black Chelsea Boots with white jeans make a great combination. Chelsea boots are perhaps the smartest boots you can wear, and combining them with a fresh white pair of denim jeans looks great.

This combination works it’s best in Spring, Autumn and Winter, the perfect season for Chelsea boots.

What Are The Best Colour Shoes To Wear with White Jeans

Contrasting colours look the best when it comes to pairing white jeans with shoes. Dark colours such as black shoes, navy trainers and brown shoes set off the bright white jeans really well.

Pastel and light shades will make an outfit look light and airy. White footwear should only be worn in the summer or at an all white party, but can still work in a more casual setting.

On That Note

And there you have it, the best shoes to wear with white jeans. Put together your outfit with any of these shoes along with some white jeans to give your overall outfit a light look.

Find other men’s fashion tips in the style guide, if you’re looking to up your style game or are looking for some particular advice on dressing well.


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