September 30, 2023


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What is French Provincial Furniture?


French provincial furniture could add glamour to your home.

French provincial furniture was created in the 17th-18th century in France’s provincial towns like Lyon, Liege, Blois, Orleans, and the countryside of Bordeaux or Normandy. Antique furniture lovers love the French provincial style. French provincial furniture is a mixture of Royal and Parisian styles.

French provincial furniture for bedrooms is more practical than Parisian furniture, which was more elaborately carved to suit the French royals. This is because provincial furniture was primarily designed with the middle-class in mind. There are some modern furniture pieces that are highly desirable, however.

 French Provincial Bedroom Furniture Features

French provincial-style furniture is made with short cabriole legs and intricate curves. Cabriole legs are a unique, curved leg design that is used in many furniture pieces. These styles are not suitable for wood carvings and inlay work, as opposed to French royal furniture designs. This style of dining chair often features carvings that resemble wheat, which is indicative of the country of France. Another feature of French provincial-style French dining chairs is the ladder back. If you are looking to decorate your home with French provincial-style furniture, you can place French provincial furniture in your bedroom. In the same way, you will need French-style dining tables and chairs in other rooms.

What are the advantages of French-style furniture design?


French provincial furniture was made from woods that were abundant in France, such as oak, cherry, walnut and apple. This is a marked departure from French royal furniture, which was made of imported wood. These woods are durable and can be moved easily.


Light tones were used to paint French provincial furniture in light tones like sky blue, light green and light pink. The most common furniture color was white, with other shades of gray. This colour gave the furniture an artistic and royal look.

Many pieces of French provincial furniture are very popular with people who want to add a French provincial touch to their homes. Here are some examples.

Various types of French provincial bedroom furniture are available:

Dresser Drawer

French provincial furniture is very popular with dresser drawers. Dressers made of wood in the French provincial style may come with mirrors. There may be a variation in the number of drawers and cabinet doors. You can find beautiful and elegant French provincial-style handcrafted dressers on the market in different sizes. This drawer will add elegance and simplicity to any furniture collection.

Double bed

Double beds in the French provincial style can be made from wood or upholstered. These beds can be made with cabriole or turned-reeded feet. The bedhead can be made with either the straight lines of Louis XVI or the sharp curves of Louis XV. You can also make the bedhead highly ornamental.


On the market are 18th-century French provincial-style armoires with intricate Louis XV-style carvings. Armoires can be carved with baskets, flowers and urns. Armoires can be finished with French paint, such as dark honey colours.

French provincial pieces of high quality are made with the same techniques, materials, and structural principles used in 17th-century French Provinces. Modern techniques are not used in furniture construction. Only hands are used to cut and finish the pieces. This preserves their traditional appeal.