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What is alt text and how do I write it for jewelry? — Sharon Z Jewelry

What is alt text and how do I write it for jewelry? — Sharon Z Jewelry

Ok jewelers and metalsmiths – you’ve built a magnificent entire body of work, photographed it, and constructed a web site.

Now it is time to make it extra accessible.

I heart alt text so substantially. It is a impressive tool web-site accessibility. When alt textual content is not the only resource at your disposal to make your web-site obtainable, it is an crucial one.

It truly is Alright if you failed to know about this important element of your web-site prior to now. Listed here is a manual to what it is, why you want it, and how to produce it. 

(Author’s observe – if you are by now familiar with alt textual content, scroll down to the How to Write It and Where by to Set It sections.)

Alt text is the tiny bit of text that you use to describe an image on your web site. From time to time it is also called an alt attribute, or alt tags. All important eCommerce platforms have a location for you to include alt text.

How it operates – an individual with a visual impairment demands and desires to use a site. In purchase to do so, they use a display screen reader that reads the web page out loud. When it hits an image on the web page, it does not skip it, it reads what ever description you have presented it.

This is what alt text is primarily for – to offer descriptions of your shots.

Other individuals who will need alt text contain individuals with limited online bandwidth – ever have super gradual online that will not load visuals? Getting alt textual content there can help you determine out if there is essential information in those photos.

Oh! And alt textual content is super handy to anyone who makes use of impression blockers in their e-mail. If illustrations or photos aren’t loading, it is essential to describe them.

Why you want it

There are heaps of explanations, but the most essential motive is that accessibility and inclusivity help anyone navigate the world wide web.

For us as smaller small business entrepreneurs, there are also useful reasons why we want alt textual content. And there are no downsides to incorporating it to your web-site.

Purpose #1 – Having a web site that is inaccessible indicates that you are likely leaving cash on the desk. Just after all, if an individual cannot use or navigate your web-site, then they also won’t be able to acquire from you.

Purpose #2 – All of the textual content that’s on your web site is searchable through research engines like Duck Duck Go, Mozilla, Google, and so on. You give your self your ideal advantage if you have great information and facts on your web site. And this means getting searchable text on your photographs.

Rationale #3 is my individual – I contemplate accessibility to be a fundamental facet of managing a web site, and I attempt to make mine as available as I know how to.

How to create it

Alt text has a single purpose, and multiple added benefits and it is main goal is to be study by persons, not bots.

So when you create alt text, believe about what an additional man or woman requires to know about the picture.

Greatest Practices

  • Put on your own into the head of a consumer hunting for jewelry.

  • Feel about how they would describe it, and check out to response their queries.

  • Is it the substance? The condition? The stone? If it is revealed on an ear?

  • Use key terms sparingly, and make guaranteed that they are relevant to the image.

  • Be descriptive and will not rely on an older web practice of “search phrase stuffing” *

  • Preserve your alt textual content underneath 150 characters or 12 terms so that they are easy to understand and readable.


Right here is a image of some earrings. The alt text reads “oxidized silver eye-formed stud earrings on a steel slab”.