June 19, 2024


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Top 5 Asian Beauty Products You Can Buy On Amazon


The Korean beauty craze is still going strong, and our 10+ steps beauty routines vividly reflect that. Thanks to Asian beauty, terms like double-cleansing and BB cream firmly settled in skincare aficionados’ lingo. We are no longer surprised with K-beauty face taping before-afters, mind-blowing skincare hacks on TikTok, and even the puppy liner makeup technique. Buzz-worthy Asian beauty products mesmerize, inspire, and create a cult-like following across the globe.

Just think about all the recent trends that came into the spot, thanks to Asian beauty. Slugging, glass skin, snail mucin, acne patches, and faux freckles became an essential part of our beauty lineup that we no longer know where they came from. Just think about how often you use sheet masks (originated in South Korea) and pick double-cleansing for your nighttime routine and realize the influence Asian beauty has on the skincare world. Beauty innovations from Asia disrupt the Western beauty world with no intention to slow down.

While the Asian beauty trend started with Korean beauty, more countries are willing to share their findings with the world. These are some of the most innovative Asian beauty find you can add to your Amazon cart.

Patrick Ta Brow Shaping Wax

Breakthrough Asian Beauty Launch

There is a reason why you see lamination-effect brows everywhere. Vietnamese celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta changed the brows industry for good with his brow shaping wax launch. More convenient and aesthetically pleasing than a messy soap brows trick, this ride-or-die shaping wax helps open the eye and fake the illusion of a fuller, more prominent brow.

Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Reserve Cream

Splurge-Worthy Asian Beauty Line

We are used to Korean beauty being all about affordable but effective finds. Thanks to Amore Pacific’s Time Response line, it’s clear that Asian beauty could be decadent. This skincare splurge is formulated with antioxidant-rich green tea and will indulge skincare fanatics willing to invest in results-delivering products that look aesthetically pleasing.

Sundays Nail Polish

Best Clean Beauty Nail Care Find

Created with client and nail technician’s safety in mind, Sundays is known for its 10-free nail polish made without controversial ingredients such as formaldehyde and toluene. Minimalist hues, accent on self-care, and sustainability are the three principles that made this Asian beauty brand stand out in the Western nail care world.

DHC Cleansing Oil

Budget-Friendly Asian Beauty Gem

This most texture-pleasing double-cleansing oil on Amazon effortlessly removes makeup, melting even waterproof formulas, and leaves the skin squeaky clean. DHC understood the power of organic olive oil even before it went viral due to JLo Beauty. They also came out with the idea of re-marketing the best-selling product as a makeup brush cleaner.

Laneige Overnight Lip Sleeping Mask

Best Overall K-Beauty Find

Finally, there is no Asian beauty review completed without my favorite Korean beauty find, a go-to lip mask that you can also use as a lip balm. Since the original craze over this yummy and hydrating lip product, the brand has added many more flavors to the roster. My favorite flavors are Sweet Candy and Vanilla. I’m not a fan of a Gummy Bear flavor as it leaves the marks on my sheets when applied overnight.


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