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Things to Make with Air Drying Clay * Moms and Crafters


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Looking for some cool things to make with air drying clay? These ideas range from jewelry making crafts to home decor and beyond!This post contains affiliate links.

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I have made a lot of air drying clay projects that I’ve shared in this space, so I can sing the praises of this versatile yet amazing product!

Air dry clay is so easy to work with, it dries without an oven, and you can use it to make everything from homemade jewelry to home decor. Air dry clay is an easy craft that teens and tweens can do, and there are so many different kinds of air dry clay you can use.

Crayola‘s is best for kids’ crafts and I love Sculpey Air for more detailed projects, such as jewelry making. Das is my favorite for home decor crafts, especially those near flames (such as candle holders).

Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced crafter, this natural and non-toxic clay is a versatile and great crafting material. Here are 15+ things to make with air drying clay.

In this post:

Air Drying Clay Jewelry

My first clay crafts were jewelry crafts, and it’s still a fabulous medium for that! There are so many things to make with air drying clay that you can wear – these jewelry ideas are just a drop in the bucket!

How to Make Clay Rose Earrings

Learn how to make simple earrings out of air dry clay with these beautiful clay rose earrings. If you’ve ever made fondant roses for a cake, you’ll find that this method is quite similar. Did you realize you can use that for jewelry too? Seal it with Mod Podge Super Gloss for an absolutely gorgeous finish.

Seashell Necklace 

Use real shells to make a beautiful summer-themed necklace with this seashell necklace idea. And if you don’t have shells, or don’t live next to a beach, you can get crafting shells online! Can you believe that I used chalk pastel shavings to add texture to one of these? The teal shell has crushed glass glitter!

Make an easy DIY seashell necklace for your little mermaid - this easy jewelry making craft for kids is also a perfect summer camp activity for tweens and teens! It's made from air dry clay and a super cool glaze, with instructions for adding different textures to the clay.

Friendship Necklaces

Your kids will love making these fun and easy friendship necklaces together. It’s a fun idea to craft for sleepovers and play dates – and perfect for your tween! Tween crafting features some of my favorite things to make with air drying clay.

Make these adorable friendship necklaces using air dry clay! What a fun and easy jewelry making craft for tweens and teens - perfect for sleepovers!

DIY Geometric Clay Earrings

Follow this tutorial to make five different geometric clay earrings out of air dry clay! It just goes to show you that air drying clay can look super classy if you keep things streamlined and minimalist. With the right finish of paint, there are so many incredible things to make with air drying clay!

Hair Tie Bracelet

Never worry about not having a hair tie handy with this cool bracelet idea. I was inspired to make these when I saw this bracelet one day. Color shift paint gives this a pretty and playful metallic sheen.

Paper Clay Pendants 

Use this air dry clay pendant idea to make your own heart shaped necklace or bracelet. And you might want to give other things to make with air drying clay a try using this method for making paper clay!

Things to Make with Air Drying Clay – Dishes and Trinkets

Another popular first clay project tends to be trinket dishes… and there’s good reason for that! It’s simple, provides a large surface for adding style, and there’s always use for another!

Handmade Clay Tray

Use flowers and air dry clay to make this easy statement piece for your home. What a beautiful way to create art with nature! Combine it with a nature walk for a fun summer camp project, or make it as part of an open-ended art workshop.

Air Dry Clay Bowl Unicorn Craft

Oh my, how fun is this unicorn bowl? A fun keepsake for friends and family, your kids will love making their own unicorn-themed dishes. It’s fabulous for your tween’s dresser, to collect hair ties and more.

How to Make an Easy Air Dry Clay Trinket Dish

Make a beautiful trinket dish to hold all your jewelry with this creative DIY. The texture on this dish shows just how upscale you can go with air drying clay. I keep a dish just like this for rings right next to my kitchen sink.

How to Make Air Dry Clay Bowls 

These rustic clay bowls are so simple and unique! They’re perfect for holding small pieces or even your keys. Drop one on the entry table, on your dresser and nightstand, or anywhere the loose change tends to congregate.

Air Drying Clay Home Decor

There are so so many home decor things to make with air drying clay! These will get you started, but take it further and experiment with even more!

DIY Clay Candle Holders

These candle holders are a fool-proof craft that looks just like hammered metal. The finish was accomplished using brushed metal paints. I researched heavily which is the best clay for flame-resistance and recommend using this one.

These beautiful faux hammered metal candle holders are stunning - and so easy to make! You don't need to be a pro to give this easy craft and DIY gift idea a whirl. Make DIY clay candle holders using a very specific clay that will work for this craft idea.

Clay Wall Vase

Why stick to table vases when you can have wall vases?! Add some succulents or flowers to make a beautiful vase for your wall that is simple and easy to pull together. What a unique twist on things to make with air drying clay!

DIY Clay Maps

Use these clay maps to learn about countries or display countries that you’ve visited in your home. Kid scan play with them or learn new facts about the people who live there, enabling them to become world citizens.

DIY clay maps are easy to make - and even more fun to play with! It's a great travel activity and craft for kids and an educational DIY toy

Mini Coastal Clay Houses

Create a beachy getaway from your own home with these clay houses made out of air dry clay. You can make a winter variation on this too! Just make the homes wintry instead of coastal…

Monster Craft Invitation

Your kids will love making these adorable little monsters with this magnetic monster craft. I used a flower shaped cookie cutter on rolled out air drying clay. Kids were able to paint it with tempera paint sticks and add whichever details they wanted. It made for a fabulous open-ended party craft.

Air Dry Clay Wall Hanging

This beautiful dream catcher is the perfect air dry clay wall hanging for your home. It’s all in the painted detail and is another one of my favorite things to make with air drying clay for craft workshops.

Indoor Fairy Garden Terrarium

Make a cool fairy garden that you can keep indoors with the help of air dry clay. This was originally a KiwiCo kit – but I turned it into a fairy garden. Can you spot the clay fairy?

Make a beautiful and simple easy indoor fairy garden terrarium! You'll want to shrink and step right inside this perfect craft for teens, for autumn, winter, and cold weather.

Botanical Clay Wall Hanging

Use air dry clay to make these floral pieces for a wire detail wall art design in your home. What a fabulous way to celebrate the different things that grow in your garden!

DIY Incense Holder

This fun and easy craft project is great for keeping bugs away or to hold your incense indoors. Minimalist but well-thought-out patterns make them look like they came from a high end home decor boutique! Your friends will be asking you to make these for them too!

How To Make Mini Clay Succulents

These faux plants are so adorable and perfect for home decor, office decor, or to keep in your child’s room for a pop of greenery. The faces on the front will make you smile. You can even add these to the fairy garden above!

What are your favorite things to make with air drying clay? Comment below!


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