July 18, 2024


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The Influence of Hip Hop Jewelry


The Influence of Hip Hop Jewelry

Hip hop is a popularized cultural movement and global genre of music that has had a significant influence on society by embracing the artistic elements of music. However, it has also transcended these elements into experiencing, understanding, and celebrating life and the world around it. In addition, hip hop has maneuvered its way into having a significant influence on jewelry. A few of the best brands, such as Helloice Jewelry, show the true meaning of history and culture in their jewelry designs.

What is Hip Hop Culture?

The hip hop culture goes as a way of living, a culture created to comment on life and the world, which began in the 1970s when times were tough for the underprivileged regions of urban America. In addition, the hip hop culture formed from the epicenter of the Bronx, New York, with the mindset of work-with-what-you-got and became a multi-million dollar business. Moreover, its sounds and styles of fashion and jewelry have become global using six elements applied to the hip culture. They include the following:

  1. Breaking – the hip hop dance shape
  2. Djing – handling rhythm and beats for music to suit the hip hop dance style
  3. Rapping – spoken-word poetry expressed with a DJ beat
  4. Knowledge of Self – social and moral principles or standards to inspire the hip hop culture
  5. Theatre and Literature – mixing elements and themes with dance, poetry, and drama
  6. Writing – spray painting artistic graffiti

History of Bling: Purpose of Hip Hop Jewelry

The history of hip hop jewelry began when hip hop began with DJ Kool Herc. Hip hop artists would wear extravagant jewelry to suit their album cover achievements marked through their careers. In addition, the most influential hip hop stars wear jewelry. The style of jewelry they wear generally consists of bold accouterments to serve as a status symbol. These jewelry pieces are made with gold, silver, platinum, and carbon and compressed to form chains and diamonds. Furthermore, hip hop jewelry was a way to show how climbed out of poverty and symbolized how previously oppressed segregated people had escaped the struggle. 

Hip Hop Influence on Modern Jewelry

Jewelry has never been as ubiquitous as it has in today’s modern hip hop culture. While gold chains have not gone out of style, there are some changes in designs of hip hop jewelry, with modern jewelry hit with new trends. Accordingly, today’s hip hop jewelry dangle from diamond chains and allow rap artists to put their unique symbols and other details with customized jewelry pieces as evidence of success. In addition, the modern age of rap urges hip hop artists to compete in standing out and being the main attraction, so in this sense, they are always trying to one-up each other with jewelry. Furthermore, the personalization of jewelry was not accessible in the beginning days of hip hop, so in modern times artists have turned it into a staple by customizing jewelry pieces as evidence of success.

What does the Future of Hip Hop Jewelry Entail?

Future Hip Hop Jewelry is difficult to predict with how modern rappers focus on being unique and the rest of modern society constantly following new trends of fashion and jewelry styles that are turning towards alternative and vintage. From one getting a diamond implanted into his forehead to rappers evoking a sense of authority, it is hard for jewelers to comprehend what the future holds for hip hop jewelry. As rappers continue to experiment and follow new trends, the volatility of hip hop artists will only evolve with new styles and essence to expand their social impact on society.