May 19, 2024


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The Gift Guide for Last Minute Shoppers – Anice Jewellery

The Gift Guide for Last Minute Shoppers
– Anice Jewellery

Where did the time go?! Only 5 days until Christmas and we are buzzing with excitement. Between the holiday parties, the holiday decorating, holiday planning, etc. we understand the feeling of never having enough time. Within the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to find yourself only a few days until Christmas, racking your brain trying to find her the perfect gift.

To make your lives a little bit easier, here’s our gifting guide for the last minute shoppers out there…


The package deal


As we build on our Anice Loves selection within our shop, we are continuing to collaborate with unbelievably talented artists, creatives and local makers. One of our newest additions is a book of poetry by Toronto writer Bianca Sparacino. Bianca’s book talks about topics such as love, womanhood, strength, resilience, heartbreak and a coming of age story that ties it all together. Her words are as beautiful as they are relatable, and feel like an excerpt from a young girl’s diary, telling a story of dreams and love and the pain that comes with it all. We’ve paired Bianca’s poetry book with relevant pieces of jewellery, to make a little package that’s as pretty as it is meaningful for all the special women in your life.


The personalized bookmark


To go along with the theme of books… stamp a bookmark with any quote, any saying, any words that you like! This gift is undoubtedly a keepsake that she or he will never tire of.   


Something that sparkles


Something sparkly. No explanation necessary. The best part? We wrap it all up in store so that you’ve just got to pop it under the Christmas tree. Foolproof plan. *see above vintage earrings – other styles available in store*


If all else fails, buy her one of our Girls Night Out certificates so she can enjoy a jewellery workshop with her girlfriends – wine and snacks included! 


Merry Christmas everyone, 


The Anice Jewel Team