July 18, 2024


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The Five Fashion Week Street Style Trends We’re Taking Into Autumn

The world’s lineup of fashion weeks have officially wrapped, and with them, another year of fresh styling ideas and mood boards to carry us through until 2023. London, Milan New York, and Paris certainly haven’t disappointed, with ushering in a new era of trends that we can’t wait to style ourselves.

While all eyes are on the runway, there is just as much to be observed from the streets, from celebrities to editors and influencers, the roads are lined with people eagerly awaiting the first glance at the work of fashions heavyweights as they unveil spring/summer collections. Of course, it’s not enough to arrive in any old thing, with everyone in attendance working overtime to dress the part. While some take their annual inspiration from the runways, others find street style to be equally as inspirational and best of all, accessible.

Below, five street style trends we repeatedly spotted at fashion week that we’ll be carrying through to autumn.

The Bratz shoe

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In a major 90s nostalgic move, the beloved Brats doll has made its way out of our playrooms and into high fashion. The iconic, chunky-style heel has donned the feet of many fashion week attendees, from the closed-toe, platform style to the strappy look that’s become synonymous with the doll-world. Versace have been the biggest champions of the shoe trend so far, with their bright pink pumps almost sold out everywhere (despite their hefty price tag).

Given that the shoe is a statement piece and and of itself, it’s often styled with dresses and a bright handbag. Anyone who adored Bratz is jumping at the opportunity to become one themselves, and it’s a testament to our ngoing affinity with the 90s that never seems to end.

long textured coats

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Long coats are a staple piece when the weather cools down, but once considered a throwaway thought, they’re now becoming a staple piece of their own. We’re saying goodbye to the muted blacks and nudes we’ve grown accustomed to and ushering in a new season of long, statement coats that demand to be noticed. Puffy, cloud-style coats have been steadily growing in popularity for their warmth and aesthetic appeal, with bold colours and unique patterns making themselves known, too.

Gallery: Leggy celebrities working the slit skirt (StarsInsider)

So much in fashion has already been done, and so much has gone in and out of style over the years. Now, the focus is more on smaller details that affect the overall shape of a look, making it perfectly suited to its wearer as opposed to whatever is in style at the moment.The simple, unsung slit skirt is a perfect example of a minor change with a major impact. It highlights long legs, and can even create the illusion of them. The little peek is arguably sexier than a short skirt, and it adds a little bit of spice to any look, from red carpet chic to casual strolls on the street.Click through to see which celebs wore it best.

We’re quick to assume that outerwear is always concealing the ‘real’ outfit underneath, but statement coats are making a case for outerwear being the entire outfit.

textured bags

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It’s true that a woman’s outfit is never complete without her handbag, but whoever dubbed it a mere accessory is almost certainly eating their words right now. While it undoubtedly serves a functional purpose, international Fashion Weeks have shown an abundance of handbags that are a complete look in their own right. From fluffy to see-through, bold patterns and eye-popping colours, the bag world is having a redefining moment right now.

Some are choosing to match their handbags with their outfit, while others are intentionally clashing patterns and colours for a bolder look. Either way, textured handbags are in and the OG leather handbag has been momentarily sidelined.

shirts under dresses

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Pinnafore dresss never really went out of style, but we’ve been consistently reinventing the wheel when it comes to styling them. Crisp, white collared shirts over dainty minidresses have been a staple piece during fashion week, blurring the lines between casual and formal while giving an overall polished impression that can pull any outfit together.

Strapless and spaghetti strap dresses have been perfectly offset with the addition of a white or black shirt underneath – adding an extra layer of warmth and dimension to the look. It’s the perfect outfit to create the illusion that you’ve put a lot of thought and effort in, without having to buy five or six different things. And, just by changing up the colour of the shirt, you’ve made yourself an entirely new outfit without having to break the bank.

layering bold colours

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When the temperature drops, our natural instincts is to opt for a more subdued colour palette. While winter is often considered the least inspiring season, it’s actually proving to be a time where we can get more creative with our fashion. The sun may be taking a rest but we can counteract it by injecting a level of playfulness into our sartorial choices.

Bold coloured clothing is an obvious choice, but fashion week has demonstrated that layering these colours together leaves a longer lasting impression. Fuchsia and yellow, moss greens and blues – almost any colour combination you can think of has been lighting up the streets in an eye-catching parade and encouraging us to fall in love with block colours again. It’s 2022, so we’re taking any excuse to draw attention to ourselves, and layering bold bright tones is the perfect way to do it.