The Benefits of a Screen Door During Winter  

Many of us associate screen doors with summertime, traditional door bug screens, and a sort of “A/C before there was A/C.” But their usefulness extends far beyond warm seasons and into the depths of winter. 

If you’re looking into magnetic screen doors, don’t wait until summer rolls around again. Here are some ways that a screen door can make winter living a bit easier and more enjoyable.

Hands-Free Entry

Unlike retractable or swinging screen doors with too many moving parts, a magnetic door has the benefit of hands-free entry for unmatched convenience.

Inevitably, you will be trudging through the snow with groceries in both hands or stepping outside to admire the beauty of the season with a cup of hot cocoa. This feature comes in handy more often than you might think.

Perfect for Pets

A magnetic door is a perfect solution to simplified and safe pet access during winter. Let’s face it, not all of us have doggy doors, as they can be expensive to install. 

With a screen door, your pet can let themself in and out by simply pushing through. Magnets ensure the door closes behind them, so you don’t need to supervise exit and entry each time.

Saves You Money

Typically used to keep temperatures down during summer, screen doors can also reduce energy costs during the winter time. 

The simple mesh barrier provides some heat retention during the cold winter months, saving you money over the course of the season. Mesh might not trap heat with 100% effectiveness, but it’s far better than leaving a door wide open.


Magnetic screen doors are self-closing. Simply pass through the door and it seals itself behind you thanks to magnets installed in the seams. 

Therefore, it’s perfect for carrying a tray in and out or taking breaks in between shoveling. Kids will also enjoy the convenience when rushing out the door to school or play.


Compared to other screen or storm door options, a magnetic screen door is a no-brainer in the cost department.

The price of purchasing and installing a traditional retractable or sliding door can add up quickly to $1000 and up. Opting for a magnetic door instead can equal big savings, with quality products found for well under $100, including installation.

Protect Against the Elements

Many of us have front and back doors with aesthetic appeal in addition to utility. Quality materials paired with deliberate design elements and structural integrity are worth protecting.

During winter, however, these doors take some serious abuse from the elements, especially during extreme weather. Installing a screen door can provide some protection for inner frames and entryways from snow and wind.

Increased Security

In the effort to secure your house, every little bit of protection helps, even in winter when property crime incidents are less likely.

Having an additional barrier between the outdoors and your interior can be a deterrent to burglars looking to get in and out quickly.

Kid Friendly

Kids sometimes struggle with typical screen doors, and sometimes that’s by design. This can be due to the height of the handles or the weight of the door itself. 

As many parents know, kids rarely remember to shut the door behind themselves as they come in and out. 

With a magnetic door, they can simply push through with their hand and it seals behind them. Just be sure to keep an eye on when they come and go.

Fresh Air

Although things can get rough weather-wise come February, not every day will be in sub-zero temperatures. 

For those surprisingly mild mid-winter days, you may want to let a breeze of fresh air into your home. It will be a nice sneak peek of spring months to come.

Ease of Installation

With many options on the market to consider, a magnetic screen door boasts the greatest ease of installation. Unlike traditional screen doors that have hinges and tracks, magnetic doors use tape or thumbtacks making them easily affixed to your door frame. 

Doing-it-yourself instead of hiring a professional installer will equal big savings. And no, you don’t need to be Bob Vila to make it work.

Heavy-Duty Mesh

Unlike some inferior products, a magnetic screen door with heavy-duty mesh provides superior protection against the elements and other potential causes of wear and tear. 

We all know pets love to scratch at our doors. Durable mesh and reinforced edge construction can withstand this kind of abuse, so you will get more longevity out of the product.

Simple Repair

With their durable yet streamlined construction, it is easy to get a long life out of a magnetic screen door. 

With no tracks and handles to maintain, repairs are affordable and can be done by people of all skill levels. Proper maintenance requires just a few mesh patches and extra magnets. 

Wind Resistance

We’ve all been woken in the middle of the night by an improperly closed screen door. The banging noise is not only disruptive to a good night’s sleep but can be scary and may even raise security concerns

With a series of strong magnets, a magnetic screen door stays shut all night and takes these disturbances out of the equation.

Your Perfect Winter Addition

If you are looking for a practical and affordable barrier for your home, you will find many benefits to magnetic door bug screens. It’s the ultimate DIY project to kick off winter celebrations and enjoy all the season has to offer.

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