July 22, 2024


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The 7 Biggest Coachella Fashion Trends, as Seen on Editors

The 7 Biggest Coachella Fashion Trends, as Seen on Editors

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, Coachella has returned and blessed the world with another round of fashion trends to kick off the 2022 festival season. So if you’re gearing up for Coachella weekend two – and crossing your fingers for another Harry Styles and Shania Twain duet – or you’re thinking ahead to the concerts you’ll be attending later in the year, this roundup will inspire your festival fashion wardrobe for this season and beyond.

The backdrop for Coachella is Indio, CA, which is a literal desert, so dressing for the extreme temperatures can be challenging. During the day, temperatures may reach up to the triple digits, but at night, they can plummet. And if there happens to be a gust in the air, it gets pretty chilly pretty fast. The key to nailing Coachella fashion is having items on hand that you can layer, like a cozy crewneck or a lightweight jacket. In the daytime, you can wrap it around your neck or waist for a ’90s-inspired flair, and then once the sun sets, layer it on top of your outfit for extra warmth.

Practical footwear is another must to ensure you can hop from show to show in style – without stumbling into the dirty brown grass. Platform sneakers offer another playful, ’90s-inspired option that you can walk miles in without so much as a blister. Another festival footwear favorite? Cowboy boots, which play up the Western desert aesthetic and pair perfectly with everything from a minidress to worn-in jeans. Consider sizing up and wearing thinner socks for peak comfort.

Keep scrolling to read through the rest of the biggest Coachella 2022 fashion trends, according to POPSUGAR editors who were on the ground.

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