May 19, 2024


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Super Bowl 2020: All Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s outfit changes from their halftime show

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira lit up the stage during last night’s Super Bowl halftime performance as they delivered renditions of some of their most popular songs.

While their singing and dance routines were cause for celebration, Lopez and Shakira also raised the stakes when it came to their outfits, undergoing a series of eye-catching costume changes throughout the 14-minute performance.

The show was opened by Shakira, who wore a red, embellished ensemble as she sang her 2009 song “She Wolf”, surrounded by a horde of scarlet-clad dancers.

Meanwhile, Lopez commenced her portion of the show wearing a black, leather bodysuit and a billowing, pink skirt, standing on a pole in a nod to her opening scene in Lorene Scafaria’s Hustlers.

To check out all the outfits worn by Lopez and Shakira for their highly-praised Super Bowl halftime performance, click through the gallery above.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez perform at Super Bowl half-time show

Fans hailed the spectacle as “awesome” and “inspiring”.

“Best. Halftime. Show. Ever!!!!” one person tweeted.

“That halftime show just gave me my whole life,” another stated.

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