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Star Wars; Preakness fashion | 11 News Today: The Podcast

Ava’s ready for Preakness fashion … Jason? Not so much

11 News Today: The Podcast – Episode 11

Hello Eva Marie. I’m scared to say today’s date. I’m just scared to say it. Oh you know what scared are you scared? I am. It’s okay. It’s 50504 22. How about I say it like that May the fourth be with you? I knew somebody had I like that. You’re you’re really leaning into it because I have two boys who are very good at sound effects. I’m really impressed how good my son is at playing with *** pretend lightsaber like not even holding like holding *** stick and making it *** lightsaber. It’s almost like boys were born with either the peril peril or the the saber thing. What is it like? You know obviously I’ve boys and girls can be into the same thing. But there is something about boys and men, they are so good at sound effects. Yeah. It’s because we don’t talk. It’s like not something I ever tried to perfect when I was *** little girl. Boys. Listen as *** former boy is recovering boy, there’s something wrong. I’m here for it now. Here’s something boy mom did you know this? This whole May the fourth and I thought this was like *** new thing that people said to each other. I mean it’s to the point where someone will say like May the fourth be with you and someone says and also with you as though it’s like in churches. So this goes back. It wasn’t the movie that really was like the first time someone said May the fourth be with you? It was Margaret Thatcher. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. To celebrate her victory becoming the Prime minister back in 1979 the year after I guess Star Wars first came out an ad in the London Evening News. Read May the fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations. So that was the first iteration of the fourth. Yeah, she was like ahead of her time apparently. Or she’s maybe she’s *** Jedi. We didn’t know that we should be missing Jedi. That’ll be the next sequel. But thing is like, I don’t think it’s as nerdy as it used to be. No, no, especially when Disney plus came out with some of their shows like the Mandalorian that was *** lot more like friendly to all audiences. Like you didn’t have to know anything about the Star Wars universe to like get into the Mandalorian. I will admit like I was really into that show of course, because of cute baby Yoda. Right? How could you? But because as much as I enjoy the Star Wars shows, I kind of get lost. I’m *** little confused. I usually have to be the one like who’s that what planet are they on? What language is that? Yeah, so um I don’t know if I’d like to think I’m *** smart person, but why can’t I follow the story lines. You are not alone. There was one weekend that I really like. It was like tbs I think they’ll show the entire series. There was *** lot of rewinding and then there’s sometimes like, oh wait, I’ve seen him in another version, but I didn’t know, but I didn’t, I didn’t, I wasn’t into it until like, I don’t know, 10 years ago, here’s *** hot take as cool as the animation is in the new movies. I went back and watched them all in order with my husband and I really liked the original movies that came out. Obviously the special effects was kind of funny, but the storylines, I think they spent more time developing the story lines and characters because they couldn’t rely on the animation. So I’m here for those movies. Okay. I’ll give you that. I totally agree. But there was something about the battle scene, it was Kylo Ren and the woman Ray, sorry, like out in the ocean. Did you? Did you see that? Okay, go back and look at that. I don’t know which one it is. Alright, so Eva came to my desk and ask me *** question. She should have known the answer to. She says, hey, have you planned your outfit for Preakness? It’s the 21st man and this is the, this is the fifth. There is no way. I don’t know what I’m wearing tomorrow. We’re like down to three weeks away. That’s plenty of time because well, but, but men’s fashion has been kicking it up *** notch normally you could just wear whatever, but now you’ve got to up your game. I do feel like I feel like I’m starting to wear the same thing and I’m like, oh no one noticed but people do notice. So now I feel like I need to, I need to match your energy on like I better get started. You got some catching up to zero. I don’t think you felt sorry for me. All right. I got *** job for you. Not that you don’t like your job, you like penguins. I’m sure because we have the penguin coast camera. Uh But here’s one for you and uh Antarctica. They’re looking for someone to work at the post office there. They call it the penguin post office because of the post office’s location. There’s *** lot of penguins there. Alright. Sounds good as they’re selling it though. They’re saying listen, the top of the cold temperatures there, they can dip down to 23 degrees. Fahrenheit as you’re working there. But then the wind chill kicks in as well. You’re on an island as you’re sitting there. Clearly no one can help you. You share *** single bedroom, there’s no flushing toilet instead of *** camping toilet. That’s what you have to use. That has to be emptied every day. Like that is the worst job description ever. Yes, you’ll love penguins but there’s no bathroom. Well you’re talking to someone who just started *** new hobby of backpacking and we roughed it, no bathroom, no cell service on our own for three days and I like that. But I think three days was my limit. Like after three days of no showering. I was like, I can’t even stand myself. So I’m sure they have like showering facilities there. But like I can imagine you’d have to be there for like at least six months. There’s times in the year where you can’t even fly to Antarctica because the weather conditions are bad. So that’s too long. We’ll also says, I’m sorry you said there’s no running water. Visiting ships offer staffers showers every few days. So you got to get on *** ship to go. I feel like there was *** time in my life I could have done that now is not the time. There’s no time in my life. None like maybe maybe I’m just boogie. Maybe I just, you know, it’s like there’s something about like giving up all of those luxuries really gives you *** different mindset and makes you appreciate things. So I think you’d come out *** changed man. Yeah, I’ll be changed. All right, no doubt. Alright, this screams americans and no offense to americans out there. I don’t know. I just feel like I’m supposed to say that americans bring *** souvenir artillery shell to Israel’s airport. *** bomb scare set off scenes of panic there in Israel because some americans, they showed up *** family with an unexploded artillery shell that they have found while they’re vacationing intending to bring it back as *** souvenir. Listen, americans, we can bring anything back. Culture and food. Maybe not an artillery shell. Like it didn’t cross their mind that this could be dangerous to bring on an airplane, right? We checked for all kinds of weapons, pin knives, guns. And they were like, they were just in the moment of the trip. They weren’t thinking logically there. Yeah, I don’t, I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Here’s another from the opposite of weird restaurant worker. Uh decided they got into *** fight with someone. This is all going down. Uh let’s see where Birmingham Alabama got so mad. The person, they threw hot grease on the customer. Like what, what has happened to us? That’s dangerous. Why are we so mad at each other right now? That’s my God Greece could like serious damage. Oh my goodness. I just feel like people just don’t tolerate each other anymore. But but it always seems like it’s in uh store situations. We’re just angry. People are on edge. And it comes out in those situations. I was, I would say about *** second late on changing from the red light to the green the other day. Like I was just, I don’t know, I was daydreaming and the guy behind me laid on his horn for easily two minutes first. It scared me. I was like, oh, he’s telling me to go. Like give me *** chance, man. Yeah, yeah. And it’s like you don’t know how it’s like you have to fight your urge to react strongly in that situation because that usually makes it worse. So you kind of, it’s like I learned *** lot of that patients through my toddlers, you
know, just take *** moment to collect yourself and realize you’re only going to make it worse if you react back. It’s hard to do. All right. So should I match you for Preakness? Should we wear the same color? Like what do you want me to do for this one? Just can’t clash. So if I go like Maryland flag motif, am I good to go? Always allowed on black eyed Susan. So you can’t lose their Alright, who’s your favorite Star Wars character before we go, baby Yoda count. How do you lose? Eva May the fourth be with you, my friend and also with you guys. How is mm hmm.

Ava’s ready for Preakness fashion … Jason? Not so much

11 News Today: The Podcast – Episode 11

Jason and Ava discover the connection between former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Star Wars.And, why can kids make such good sound effects?! Also, Ava’s ready for Preakness fashion … Jason, not so much. And working at a post office in Antarctica? Well, the scenery is nice, but it might end there. Enjoy! Thanks for listening!!Subscribe here:ApplePodbeanAmazon Music/AudibleTuneIn + AlexaPlayerFMListen NotesiHeartRadioGoogle PodcastsMore to come!PREVIOUS EPISODES:

Jason and Ava discover the connection between former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Star Wars.

And, why can kids make such good sound effects?! Also, Ava’s ready for Preakness fashion … Jason, not so much. And working at a post office in Antarctica? Well, the scenery is nice, but it might end there.

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More to come!