December 1, 2023


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Shopping Tips for Muay Thai Shorts 

Muay Thai Shorts – Everything you need to Know

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. The main purpose of Muay Thai was unarmed combat. Now Muay Thai has become very popular all around the world due to its endless benefits like weight loss. If you enrolled for the Muay Thai training recently, then you might be thinking about what to wear to the class. Unlike other sports like martial arts and Karate, there is no specific type of cloth for this training. 

What To Wear? 

As it is mentioned above, there is no uniform, but people can get an idea of what to wear by the people of Thailand who go for training. The weather in Thailand is humid and tropical throughout the year. This weather amplifies the intensity of any physical activity, so the men there prefer to wear shorts and remain topless. Here are some Muay Thai gears that you can wear: 

  • These days rash guards are becoming very common sportswear to wear during Muay Thai training. There are many benefits of wearing rash guards during the training as they protect against some serious muscle injuries, and these guards will keep you comfortable during the training by keeping your body dry. 
  • In Thailand, men prefer to remain topless due to the weather during the training. But outside Thailand, men would like to wear tank tops or t-shirts. Now, these tank tops and t-shirts are available in such unique styles that men can also wear them casually. Muay Thai tank tops or t-shirts are made up of cotton and a quick-dry polyester. 
  • Buying the Muay Thai gloves is very important. You can also borrow the gloves from the gym, but the gloves of the gym are worn out and smelly. It is better to buy your gloves. The quality of the gloves matters the most as they provide protection against injuries and also give support to the fist. There is no specific design of these gloves as they come in numerous designs. 
  • Wearing the ankle guards for the Muay Thai training is not mandatory, but you can wear them as extra safety measures. These ankle guards are used to protect your ankles when you kick heavy bags. These guards are great for those who have ankle joint problems. The ratio of the people who prefer to wear ankle guards and those who do not wear ankle guards are the same  
  • Wearing knee pads for Muay Thai training is not common. There are very few people who wear knee pads during the training as there is no restriction on wearing the knee pads during the training. Most people with joint problems tend to wear these pads as they provide extra protection. 

If you are going for shopping Muay Thai gears, then you choose to buy the above-mentioned gears according to your requirements. 

Muay Thai Shorts 

Muay Thai Shorts are also considered as the unofficial uniform of the Muay Thai. When people go to a competition, then they wear these shorts. These shorts are breathable and provide the comfort of movement. Due to increased popularity, these shorts come in different designs. Suwit Muay Thai is a good Muay Thai camp from Thailand and have beautiful Muay Thai shorts. 


Choosing Muay Thai for health and fitness is the best option. Due to the popularity of this sport all around the world now there are Muay Thai camps where you can get the training without going to Thailand