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Resin Jewelry 5 Ways | Jewelry


Get in on the resin jewelry trend with five projects using essential resin jewelry making techniques. This collection of five projects will show you the possibilities of resin jewelry making. Learn how to combine resin with different elements to create jewelry that suits your style.

Above, clockwise from top right: Waste Not, Want Not Pendant; Steampunk and Resin Station Necklace; Forever My Love Be True Necklace; Paper, Resin, and Peridot Pendant; Resin Earrings and Pendant.

resin earrings and necklace against beige background
Resin Earrings and Pendant by Annie Osburn and Carla Pennie.

1. Resin Earrings and Pendant

The gold shimmering in this resin jewelry set is reminiscent of the night sky sparkling with stars. The Resin Earrings and Pendant, a collaboration between designers Annie Osburn and Carla Pennie, is an elegant piece. This mixed-media project incorporates wire and resin to create a stunning necklace and earring set that is perfect for an evening out.

gears and wheels necklace on white background
Steampunk and Resin Station Necklace by Helen I. Driggs.

2. Steampunk and Resin Station Necklace

A stunning statement piece, the Steampunk and Resin Station Necklace created by Helen I. Driggs takes inspiration from steampunk style. Each part this project can be tailored to the wearer’s personal taste. Choose your own fabric or paper scraps for the resin discs and customize to your heart’s content.

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peridot and resin pendant against gold background
Paper, Resin, and Peridot Pendant by Eleanore Macnish.

3. Paper, Resin, and Peridot Pendant

The Paper, Resin, and Peridot Pendant was inspired by famous artist William Morris. Morris, who was influential in the Arts and Crafts movement, created stunning textiles that helped define the late Victorian era. His influence can be seen in the beautiful paper designer Eleanore Macnish selected for this pendant. A peridot stone huddled in a scalloped metal ring completes this lovely resin jewelry piece.

Resin and glass pendant on ribbon against blue background
Waste Not, Want Not Pendant by Kerry Bogert.

4. Waste Not, Want Not Pendant

Start saving up your bottle caps! The fun and eco-friendly Waste Not, Want Not Pendant, created by Kerry Bogert, is a must-make. This project is perfect for any aspiring multi-crafter and incorporates common project scraps like wire, loose beads, and even crushed glass.

beaded necklace with pendant on beige background
Forever My Love Be True necklace by Kristen Robinson.

5. Forever My Love Be True Necklace

The Forever My Love Be True necklace, created by Kristen Robinson, is a romantic piece, sprinkled with potato pearls and silk ribbon to give it a vintage feel. The design incorporates a heart clasp, almost reminiscent of a heart struck by Cupid’s arrow.

If you’re curious about resin jewelry, be sure to check out this collection of designs. Let us know your favorites in the comments!

Happy crafting!
Gabby Axner, Editorial Coordinator

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