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Recent Hits and Misses – The Beauty Look Book


Beauty Hits and Misses

Sharing a roundup of some recent beauty hits and misses from things I’ve been trying lately! I rediscovered some older favorites on my recent trip and also put some new beauty buys to the test. Thought it would be fun to share them with you!

I used the Chanel CC Cream the entire week we were in Miami. I’ve loved it for years (original review here)! It has high SPF and great natural looking coverage. Love that it lasts all day on me and evens out the skin nicely. It’s one I keep going back to even though I try to rotate and incorporate other formulas into my routine. I love it. Highly recommend.

Chanel CC Cream 40 Beige

For the complexion I repurchased a few of the NARS Liquid Blushes (original review here, time flies!). I’ve been loving the Liquid Blush in Orgasm and it’s just as good as I remember. These work well alone or layered under a powder blush. Pigment is excellent and easy to blend. A little goes a long way.

Bronzer-wise I have been loving the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Luminous Powder in Medium-Deep or Deep for a subtle luminous glow. Since these powders are more skin-tone colored (versus a cool or warm bronzer) I find them really natural on the skin. You won’t see any greyish or orangey undertone. Color is natural and buildable. They have a very subtle luminosity to them which makes the skin glow without any harsh shimmer.

Chanel Les Beiges Deep and NARS Liquid Blush in Orgasm

For the lips I’ve been loving the Naturium Phyto-Glow Lip Balm* (available at Naturium and Target). These come in a clear option and tinted versions as well. I brought the clear with me on my trip and love the thick lush formula. It has a really nice cooling tip applicator (similar to the Hourglass Lip Oils). It’s hydrating, comfortable and smooth.

Naturium Lip Balm, ABH Peach Bud, Sisley Sheer Blossom

Also obsessed with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Liner in Sun Baked + Lipstick in Peach Bud combo for the perfect medium peachy lip (swatches here). I just reviewed the new Sisley Phyto Rouge Shine and my favorites are Sheer Blossom and Petal. In case you missed it you can see them in action on my latest Reel too!


Another lip combo I’ve been loving is the Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Color in Bloom (new shade at Tarte) on top of the Makeup By Mario Ultra Suede Sculpting Lip Pencil in Johnny. The lip pencil is the perfect medium pink rose color I feel like I’ve been searching for my whole life. It’s close to my natural lip color just a little more pink. Topping it with any light pink color gives the perfect juicy glossy pink lip.

Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip in Bloom and Makeup by Mario Lip Pencil in Johnny

The eyeshadow palette that has been getting me the most compliments lately is the Tarte Leave Your Mark Eyeshadow Palette. It’s a nice one for any beachy vacation! Or even for everyday wear. It’s a softer glowy and less glitzy version of the Patrick TA Major Dimension Palette (at least in my eyes). Colors are soft and easy to layer. I think they’re no-fuss colors for a good eye look. (I just ordered the Leave Your Mark VII which is deeper and peachier.)

Tarte Leave Your Mark Eyeshadow Palette

I tried Skylar perfumes at Sephora while on my trip and really fell in love with a few of them, in particular Salt Air and the Vanilla Sky. I decided to buy the Discovery Sampler Set first before committing to one. They’re fresh and clean smelling. I am definitely buying Salt Air. Trying to decide on one more too.

Skylar Perfume Discovery Set

I’ve been searching for a more affordable body wash that I really love. All the ones I like tend to be on the spendy side. Naturium sent a package of skincare for me to try and I’ve been really loving all of their body washes. Still working my way through the different formulas but my favorite is the Glow Getter Multi-Oil Body Wash*. It’s an oil-to-gel formula with a decent lather and hydrating formula. It’s nicely moisturizing but doesn’t leave any film or residue on the skin like a lot of hydrating body washes. A solid win and I’m 100% repurchasing this when it’s used up.

Naturium Glow Getter Body Wash and Oribe Hair Alchemy

Still loving the Oribe Hair Alchemy* line for their Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner. I brought these with me on my vacation and even though it took up extra space it was 100% worth bringing.

A hair care line that just popped on my radar is Michael Van Clark. It’s one that’s new to me and I have fallen head over heels in love with their No 1 Brush*. It truly is a game changer for brushing and smoothing the hair. It has different levels/sizes of flexible nylon bristles within the brush to detangle, fluff and brush out the hair smoothly. I want the travel size for my purse or for travel too. You can find it online at their website Michael Van Clark.

I splurged on a Celine Comb at the Miami Design District. It was crazy expensive but I love it. It’s so chic! Full Celine haul on reels too.


Beauty Misses Makeup By Mario, Sol de Janeiro, Glow Recipe

Last we have some misses for me. I tried some new things at Sephora, all of which had mixed reviews. Makeup by Mario launched new Ultra Suede Cozy Lip Cremes and I bought two shades he launched first (new ones were just added today). I have Nude Suede and Pinky Brown. Formula is ok, I would say it’s true to the description. Whipped matte lips often are challenging for me because the colors look dusty and lifeless on me. Colors were a fail on my lip and skin tone. There’s not enough warmth in these two shades so I look like a corpse with these. I don’t think I’ll check out the other colors.

I also had high hopes for the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Glossy Nourishing Anti-Frizz Hair Oil as I’m a huge fan of the scent and have loved everything from the line. The formula is ultra thick, almost goopy. I showed a preview on stories and dozens of you messaged me saying it was a miss. It is indeed VERY thick and heavy. Even one tiny drop is thick – I had to wipe off most of the excess on a paper towel before applying to my hair. A review at Sephora describes it like olive oil for the hair and I think that description is spot on. I did try it and it worked well on my hair. But the consistency and fact that I have to wipe off product on a paper towel makes it too high maintenance for me to be willing to use. So this is a miss for me too.

Last miss for me is sadly the new Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinimide Sunscreen with SPF 50. I had such high hopes for this one! The packaging is excellent and I love the dispenser at the tip. I tried this on bare skin and also on top of one of the Glow Recipe serums. I really wanted to love it but it pilled like crazy as I blended it into the skin. Some areas I was able to blend it in, but I had patches of white peeling product on different areas. Even after I tried to fix it Andrew told me it looked terrible and that I should wash my face immediately. Was really sad about it because the texture felt nice, scent wasn’t too strong and my face actually felt nice. But the pilling is a major deal breaker. This one is going back.

That wraps up my recent beauty hits and misses! We just got back from our Miami trip so I will be getting back to work ASAP! I have lots to share with you in the next week.

What have you been loving lately? Any misses for you?



Press samples have a * next to them. All others purchased by me.


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