July 24, 2024


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Reasons Why You Should Have Bamboo Chairs at Home

Bamboo chairs are one type of chair that has often been the choice to be placed in various family homes or typical restaurants for a long time. Maybe your childhood house had bamboo chairs too. But believe me, bamboo chairs can still be an option if you are planning to buy a new chair. Why? Because we will tell you the reasons why you should have bamboo chairs at home! Curious?

Reasons Why You Should Have Bamboo Chairs at Home

Basically, Bamboo Chairs are Beautiful!

Bamboo chairs are basically beautiful and very suitable to be used as furniture at home, especially if your house is in a traditional or natural style. The natural color of the bamboo chair is light brown which tends to be cream, making the bamboo chair not needing excessive finishing. Bamboo chairs are smoothed enough, as long as the bamboo is dry. But for alternatives, you can also use cross back chairs as you like.

Preserving bamboo is also quite easy, bamboo can also be painted in wood brown. Bamboo chairs are very suitable to be placed on the terrace of the house because they are quite compatible with the garden, coupled with a bamboo table to further beautify the design of your porch. Bamboo chairs are also attractive to place in the dining room or living room.

Many Bamboo Chairs Are Indigenous to Southeast Asia

Basically, bamboo is quite easy to cultivate in the Asian region, from Southeast Asia to East Asia, so bamboo chairs are quite familiar to Asian people. Because of its convenience, since long time ago many Southeast Asian residents have made good use of bamboo, from bamboo cultivation to bamboo craftsmen.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for designers and artists to use bamboo for their work. By buying bamboo chairs, you will not only beautify your home, but you can also support authentic Southeast Asian works.


Price of Variative Bamboo Chairs, Most of the Prices are Cheap!

As previously explained, bamboo is very easy to cultivate in Southeast Asian countries. Due to the large number, the bamboo stock that is ready to be used as furniture, including bamboo chairs, is also a lot. Southeast Asian craftsmen find it easy to explore bamboo materials.

The process from planting basic materials to production into ready-to-use bamboo chairs is relatively easy to do, because the people who work with them need a workshop with simple equipment, unlike other chairs on the market which are factory-made, using a lot of materials and production processes that are length (although the chairs are mass produced).