July 22, 2024


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Pantry Purge Inspired by The Home Edit


File under: Oddly satisfying!

I have The Home Edit to thank for my recent project. As you may remember, we shared a kitchen tour a few weeks back but there were two pantries that were left out for one specific reason; because they are horribly, embarrassingly unorganized!

I was inspired by a recent binge of the hit Netflix series. Off to The Container stores I went where I spent one, way too much time, and two, way too much money on plastic. Either way, I am more than happy with how it all turned out. It’s visually appealing, edited by category and most importantly, functional for our family and the head chef himself!

From start to finish, the project took about three hours. I managed to get this done while Lucy was taking a rather long nap. If you’ve been wanting to carve some time out to get things organized in your kitchen, here are a few steps to get you started!

STEP 1: Make a list and check it twice! Measurements and even photos (for those more visual like me) are imperative to bring along. Width and length measurements mission critical.

STEP 2: Get your bootie to the container store! Amazon also has everything (and probably a little cheaper TBH)

STEP 3:  Unload! Take every last thing out of your pantries, I was able to throw a few things away to create additional space just by checking expiration dates. I was shocked at how many condiments and rice cakes were no longer good!

STEP 4: When you’re taking everything out of
the cabinets, organize everything into groups of type of food categories; canned, pasta, baking, snacks, baby food, chips, sweets ect. These are just a few of the categories we have.

STEP 5: Remove ugly packaging by putting contents into Maison jar containers and my personal favorite, these ‘Le Partaif’ jars for those items that need an extra tight sealed fit. These are little ‘micro solutions’ that can make a pantry appear to have that aesthetic that we all know and love from The Home Edit.

STEP 6: Our pantries are unique in that they are separate so we had to figure out what we should store in each one. I thought about the spaces in terms of what foods should go with each other in each pantry and what I ultimately decided was that snacks and grab-and-go things will live in one, and booking and baking and spices will live in the other. So far so good!

Below are a few items that we used in the kitchen, you can also shop my Amazon Edit of Kitchen organization items that may be a little more wallet friendly!

Happy organizing!


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