July 19, 2024


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Open Edit Is My Favorite Affordable Nordstrom Brand

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We know that Nordstrom is a treasure trove of incredible fashion finds, but there’s one brand that I bet you’ve slept on that has some of the best pieces the retailer has to offer: Open Edit, a Nordstrom Made label that’s been one of my style secrets since it dropped last year. Now, I’m spilling the tea on it, because honestly, this affordable fashion brand, which could easily pass for designer, is just too good not to share with, well, everyone.

Funny thing is, my mom was actually the person to introduce me to Open Edit, shortly after it launched last April. One day she came home with this gorgeous ribbed button-down sweater for herself; obviously, I asked her about it, and she said it was from Open Edit. Unfamiliar with the label at that point, I immediately went to my computer, searched for the brand on Nordstrom’s site, and the rest is, as they say, history. And yes, we now both own the same ribbed button-down. (Thanks, mom!)

It was love at first sight with Open Edit — and an even deeper love ensued upon that initial try on. I first noticed two things when I scoured the brand on Nordstrom: a) the timeless yet fashionable pieces it had to offer and b) the incredible prices. Like so incredible, I had to do a double-take to make sure my eyes weren’t fooling me. I added a bunch of things to my cart, checked out, and waited a few days before my order arrived. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning ripping opening packages. That’s how eager I was.

Buy It! Open Edit Oversize Blazer, $59.25 (orig. $79); nordstrom.com

Buy It! Open Edit Off the Shoulder Ruched Top, $36.75 (orig. $49); nordstrom.com

TL;DR? The pieces I bought were everything I had hoped for and more. For the price, I definitely had hesitations that the quality wouldn’t be as good, but for the most part, everything was incredibly well-made and rivaled that of higher-end brands. Bonus: Some of the pieces are even made with organic cotton or recycled material, and everything is designed with inclusivity in mind.

The best part is this: Anytime I wear something from the brand — I’ve now amassed quite a collection of pieces, which includes this one-sleeve sweater, this cardigan, and these comfy shorts — someone stops and asks me where it’s from. They’re usually surprised when I say it’s Open Edit (because they’re probably expecting a designer name), and because I’m never shy about what I spend, I’ll add in, “It only cost [insert a very reasonable price]” and they’re jaw drops. 

If you want designer-like quality on a budget, then I highly suggest checking out Open Edit, especially while it’s on sale right now. Shop some of the pieces I’m scooping up while they’re an extra 25 percent off until April 3, and get ready to become a forever fan. 

Buy It! Open Edit Velour Flare Pants, $20.97 (orig. $49); nordstrom.com

Buy It! Open Edit Boxy Crop T-Shirt, $14.25 (orig. $19); nordstrom.com

Buy It! Open Edit Ellie Lug Sole Loafer, $47.96 (orig. $59.95); nordstrom.com