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NEW Trinny London Skincare : Let’s Talk Cleansers!


Trinny London cleansers review

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I remember when Trinny London just launched and I was so intrigued by it, how the products would perform and if the brand would work : well here we are! Trinny London is absolutely BOOMING and they have just launched a skincare line spear-headed by these two Trinny London Cleansers, which I am going to chat about today. Since these have launched, they have been followed by a pretty extensive skincare line including exfoliants, serums and face creams which are supposed to be really rather good!

‘Thoroughly cleansed and nourished skin sets the stage for your whole routine, allowing the rest of your skincare to get to work effectively. The golden rule: always double cleanse if you’ve been wearing makeup or SPF.’

Trinny London is Trinny Woodall’s beauty brand that launched in 2017. Trinny Woodall is a UK TV personality, fashion stylist and all-round WILD thing and I cannot get enough of her on her videos / style tips and try-on’s and she absolutely fascinates me. She is definitely a little ‘out-there’, OTT and a force to be reckoned with. Having met her a few times pre-makeup brand, I knew she had an incredible passion for makeup and skincare and was always eager to know the latest launches, must-have ingredients etc etc. It was absolutely no surprise to me that years later she launched her own line of products. Trinny London has counters in selected Fenwick’s and pop-ups’ too : you can check where you can find a counter on her website HERE.

Trinny London cleansers review Trinny London cleansers review Trinny London cleansers review

If you want to know a little bit about the makeup then I have a whole post about the Trinny London Starter Stack RIGHT HERE. It’s actually been one of my most-read posts in recent years!

So….Trinny London Cleansers. They launched with two cleansers, with a focus very much on using both for double cleansing or as a when you need. The packaging is possibly the most un-missable on planet earth with it’s bold/block neon yellow, they are both refillable, which of course we like and the the pricepoint is seemingly standard at £28 and £32. One cleanser is more of your AM / brightening / second cleanse and one if your makeup removing / thick balm for a first cleanse. Let’s look at them both and I’ll tell you how I’m finding them!

Trinny London cleansers review

Be Your Best – Enzyme Balm Cleanser.

This is your thicker balm cleanser : makeup removal, end of the day, first cleanse. It has a luxurious gel-balm feel which transforms to a milk and then washes off with water (and a cloth is best!). This cleanser contains ingredients that is designed to boost radiance and nourish skin and the formulation is kind to your microbiome for balanced, healthier-looking skin.

I love the feel of these, and I love a good thick, balm texture. It removes makeup well (again : I think the cloth is needed to really remove the heavier eye makeup) and it leaves skin feeling super clean, non-greasy and it is deeply nourished. I love the fact the packaging also has a very quick overview of the ingredients within and what they will do for your skin:

Glycolipids : glycolipids remove daily grime with no irritation.

Pineapple enzyme : Removes dead skin cells and brightens

Almond, borage and linseed oils: fatty acids do wonderful things to the skin : soothing, hydrating, calming, balancing, repairing 

Prebiotic complex : Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide is a prebiotic that feeds your microbiome This will help support your skin’s defences. 

This works well massaged onto dry skin to start breaking up your makeup, SPF and daily grime ; you then add some warm water to emulsify it onto a milk-like texture and then finally use the cloth to remove it all. You need to buy the £32 full cleanser before you start doing the refill thing as the refills don’t work unless within the original packaging :  this also contains a  T-Towel muslin cloth. You can also buy these separately as we know one is never enough!

Price : £32 /£26 Refill

Trinny London cleansers review Trinny London cleansers review Trinny London be your best cleanser review

Better Off – AHA/PHA Gel Cleanser.

This is your brightening cleansing gel / second cleanse / refreshing cleanse / morning cleanse. It contains gentle acid to gentle exfoliate and brighten the skin (avoid the eye area) and it gives you a lovely deep and balancing cleanse without stripping the skin. It is a gel feel, and I love this as my AM cleanse at the moment. 

One pump is perfect for all over my face and you apply this onto damp skin, massage over the face and rinse off – no cloth required. I think men would really love this too for a quick, fresh cleanse that does the job. Key ingredients include : 

Quillaja: quillaja is rich in natural surfactants and does an excellent job of cleansing.

Lactic + malic acid: Lactic and malic acids are both part of the alpha-hydroxy acid family (AHA). Lactic acid is derived from milk, and malic acid from apples. These work to exfoliate the skin.

Lactobionic acid : Lactobionic acid is also derived from milk but it has a larger molecule size so it exfoliates away gently on the surface levels of the skin. It’s also a humectant so holds moisture in the skin.

Natural inulin: Derived from chicory root, this is a prebiotic. Inulin helps balance the skin’s microbiome.

Price £28 /refill £22

trinny London better off cleanser review trinny London better off cleanser review Trinny London cleansers review

I have been enjoying using both of the Trinny London cleansers in my routine in the last few weeks : I have used them both together  or just one or the other as my skin needs. I love the fact that they are refillable and they are both great quality, good ingredients and I really think the Trinny London skincare is going to be as good a hit as the makeup line. It’s not faffy, it just does the job : which is what Trinny London is all about. No fuss, easy, does what it says on the tin. 

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Trinny London cleansers, I am excited to try more from her skincare line soon. Let me know if you have tried either of these yet.

You can shop the Trinny London range right here.

*This post contains press samples, all views my own.


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