June 14, 2024


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New Facebook Live Events with Julie Bean — Beadaholique


Hello Everyone!

Julie Bean This is Julie Bean and I am so excited to share that I am back beading and making videos with Beadaholique! I joined Beadaholique in 2011 and had the pure joy of making hundreds of videos and projects over the years. I am thrilled to be designing and creating videos once again, and this time, I am doing it from my new home in Portugal! My family is on a wonderful adventure, and I hope to share that adventure with all of you. Some of my first videos will be where I show what jewelry making supplies I brought with me in my suitcase (we moved half way around the world with only 8 checked bags and 4 carry-ons for a family of 4!). Here are some photos of our airport trip and the the architecture here.

Moving Portugal with Julie Bean Portugal with Julie Bean 

In addition to new videos on our YouTube channel and website, please join me live each week on Facebook for the following events: 

  • Quick Tip Tuesday – 12pm PT every Tuesday. Learn fun beading tricks and simple techniques that will help you on your learning journey. Lots of “Ah ha!!” moments coming your way. 
  • Beading Table Wednesday – 12pm PT every Wednesday. I will share exactly what’s on my beading mat and I hope everyone will post photos of what they are working on too. 
  • Sneak Peak Thursday – 12pm PT every Thursday. Be the first to learn about new beading supplies and fun things happening at Beadaholique. You will get insiders’ access a full day before it’s announced on the Beadaholique website! 
  • Find Out Friday – 12pm PT every Friday. Each week on Friday we will put up a new blog post at Beadaholique.com with a theme such as stringing, peyote stitch, etc. In the comments section you can ask any question you may have. Then the following Friday, I will be answering the questions that were left in the comments! I will try to get to as many of the questions as possible. 

If you don’t have Facebook, the videos will be available here at beadaholique.com within about a week after the live airing. Make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter list to find out when new videos are up (the signup form is also at the bottom of every page here at beadaholique.com). In the meantime, you can view all of my existing how-to videos and beading projects.

For our first Find Out Friday next week, I would love to know, if you were to move to another country and could only pack a few supplies, what would you bring? Share your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll be talking all about it Friday, May 20th, at 12pm PT live on the Beadaholique Facebook page.

Happy Beading,

Portugal with Julie Bean



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