December 3, 2023


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Meet the fashion designer

Kirthana Sunil, a successful woman who makes it a point to give back to society through her profession. The lady who believed in her passion helped her stand out from the crowd and inspired many. She is a well-known twin cities designer, makes it a point to imprint her mark on everything she creates. “I’ve worked in this industry with a lot of enthusiasm and fervour, and looking back on my path, it’s given me a lot of memories,” says Kirthana, who donates a portion of her revenues to a charity trust.

“Most of the collection is handloom, and I wanted to help artisans by buying a handloom collection,” Kirthana says as she picks up the collection. “Before the pandemic, I used to visit all the stores for material, and now it’s more of a virtual, and finding the right fabric and giving it to the clients on time is one big task, and sometimes workers make mistakes, so we should just put the material aside and start working from the beginning,” she says.

Kirthana not only looks after her business but also her employees’ children; she has been responsible for the education and well-being of four children. “I believe that all of my success is due to a team that has supported me, therefore I make sure to look after them when they are a part of the journey,” adds Kirthana, who plans to walk for the Canne festival.

“Weddings are unique occasions, and the groom may appear drab most of the time and be overshadowed by the bride, therefore we have a few wedding collections that would make both look nice with matching,” says Kirthana

“Sometimes they come in a short time and ask us to do something difficult, but we make sure to give it to them, all to make them look unique on their wedding day. It’s not just weddings that I believe in recycling; I also tell my clients to recycle after the wedding is over so that they can use the collection again.”

I employ over 25 people, and I owe a debt of gratitude to my husband for his unwavering support during my 18-year adventure. It’s been a roller coaster ride, with some challenges and others all praises. When it comes to me, family is everything, so I make sure to set aside time for them and balance both, which isn’t always easy.

“I used to wait for models or other celebrities to wear my outfit, but things have changed now,” Kirthana says. “I started casing the collection on myself and started getting more positive response from plus size people. There are many clients who have the misconception that the collection would look great on models or celebrities, but after seeing me post pictures where I showcased the collection, they are ploughing through it,” concludes Kirthana.