July 22, 2024


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MaryHardingJewelry Bead Blog: Experiments

MaryHardingJewelry Bead Blog: Experiments

                                          Ceramic pendants by Mary Harding

Now that winter has actually set in–we are in the middle of  a snow storm as I type– and the holidays are mostly over, I find that I have time in my studio for trying out new things and ideas.  I have been playing around with oxides and have made several experiments to see what will happen.
My photo above is before I fired them.

Here is what I did, starting at the top–going from left to right
1. Brown daisies stained with iron oxide
2. Round cabochon stained with  cobalt and coverd with clear glaze ( left side of plate)
3. Daisy cabochon stained with iron oxide and then lightly colored with a red glaze on the petals and a blue glaze on the center and lightly clear glazed
4. 2  hole pendant stained with iron oxide and lightly colored with several glazes and then a light clear glaze added
5.stick pendant stained and then partialy painted with a red glaze and a light coat of clear
6. snail shaped pendant lightly colored and clear glazed–very rustic and fosil like beforehand
7. small stained tab piece–from a broken pendant
8.  fan of daisy petals stained and then lightly glazed with red and a clear glaze–no color on daisy head
9.Donut with lightly color glazed small leaves and some other areas.  No clear glaze.
Most of the pieces were fired first with just the iron oxide glaze–after they were bisqued so when I fire these pieces it will be for the 3rd time.

I will post the results tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by!!