June 20, 2024


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Mario Testino’s ode to Italy: Discover an intimate portrait of its people, art, food, and fashion

One of the most influential fashion and portrait photographers, Mario Testino is responsible for the creation of emblematic images, transmitting emotion and energy in an open and intimate way.

Throughout his four-decade career, Testino has gone beyond the world of fashion to capture traditions and cultures from a unique point of view.

Peruvian by birth, Testino had a connection to Italy from his heritage, and this blossomed when he experienced the country for himself.

For him, discovering Italy was synonymous with discovering his passion for fashion: “Rome was all about the hottest, latest trends and fresh new styling, and I loved the way Italians could shed the latest look for an even newer thing without ever losing their own identity.”

In Ciao, he handpicks his favourite images of Italy, ranging from his friendships to breathtaking vistas and iconic fashion shoots.

You can purchase ‘Mario Testino. Ciao. Omaggio all’Italia’ here

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