June 20, 2024


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Make your Thumbnail Pop With These Creative Nail Art Ideas


While doing nail art designs, we often forget the thumbnail. However, I love to make the centerpiece of the entire nail art set. Since my thumbnail is bigger than other nails, it gives me more space for creativity. Especially while creating contrast looks, I pay extra attention to the thumbnail. So, in today’s nail art blog, I am sharing some of the looks I created on Thumbnails. I am sure you will like them and enjoy them. Also, you are free to use these nail art designs on your accent nail or all the nails if it pleases you.

Waves are in trend for nails

Use all the colors of the rainbow to create wave patterns on a glitter base. Also, add dotting tool daisy flower pattern.

Here I have created a wavey pattern using white and black polish. Fill these waves with pastel shades and bright shades and you are done.

Shapes and Dots of all kinds on nails

Here I have used a heart pattern for creating a divider on a color block pattern.

One single dot on a metallic polish base is enough to give a minimalistic sassy vibe to your thumbnail. 

Make a polka dot pattern on a white base to add accent.

Create a divider on color block nails with a dotting tool

Eggshell effect on nail art

The eggshell effect is quite popular these days and you can also use it to make your nails look pretty. In this nail art above, I have used a fan brush and regular black polish for creating an eggshell effect. And the one below has an actual eggshell topcoat in matte. Which one do you like the most?

Keep it simple

When you are adding design on all the fingers, keep your thumbnail simple.

Jazz it up with glitters and rhinestones

Use your favorite glitter polish, loose glitter, or chunky glitter for this effect. If you are good with rhinestones, use that too for creating an accent effect on your nail.

Stamp it with patterns

This is also quite easy. Add a simple pattern of your choice on the thumbnail or accent nail. You can apply it on a clear base or on a glitter base. 

Flowers and Foliage for every nail art season!

If you are fond of floral and foliage nail art, add them to your thumbnail and accent nail. You can get creative with this one. Use flowers print of all kinds, leaves, and other types of floral patterns. Add color to the pattern or apply it without any coloring, add a dash of glitter or contrast shade and you are done.

Black and white floral print with grey outline

Add leafy pattern on a yellow and white chevron base.

Here I have used the dotting tool to create little flowers on a clear polish base. I used shades of pink, you can use any you like. 

Here I have filled a white print of leaves with dark green color creating contrast on a mint green base.

In these two nail art designs, I have added a basic white foliage print on plane polish base.

Straight lines with assorted colors 

This is probably one of the easiest ways to decorate your nails. If you are not sure what to do on thumb and accent nails, create straight lines. You can use all the shades used on the other three fingers for this or add a contrast look. This will indeed make your thumbnail look longer too and also pretty!

Simple leaf print can really bring your nail art together

Add an Animal print for that wild effect

You can also use all these effects on your accent nail as well. I hope you liked this blog and enjoyed all the nail art designs. Please visit my Youtube Channel Crazy Nailzz for tutorials on all these.

Lots of Love!!!



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