April 20, 2024


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Madonna’s new perfume Madame X is inspired by her secret agent alias

A beauty chameleon, Madonna has been shapeshifting with the changing tides of fashion for decades. Her latest incarnation is the mysterious, eye-patch wearing secret agent Madame X, who has been the muse for the singer’s 14th album, a make-up collection and now a fragrance. 

Madonna has teamed up with London fragrance house IIUVO on a new limited edition eau de parfum, “Madame X”, which seeks to bottle the spirit of Madame X into a scent. Just as Madame X travels the world, her eau de parfum is described as taking the wearer on a poetic journey from the floral scents of the Mediterrean coast to the mystical East. And of course, because this is Madonna, it’s all transcended by the sensuality and rebellious spirit she is famous for.

In a video posted last month, director Diablo Cody, who has been collaborating with Madonna on a biopic of the singer’s life, filmed the two of them unboxing the fragrance. Describing the bottle as sexy and minimalist, Cody gives the scent an enthusiastic review throwing around the words delicious, amazing and love. Madonna herself, amazingly, is more on the fence saying she personally finds the scent “a little strong” when you first put it on. Although, she adds, after 30 minutes of it “exchanging chemistry with your skin” the heaviness evaporates and it’s “quite nice.”

In other Madonna news, the singer has recently strayed from Madame X’s signature blonde curls and embraced the lockdown phenomenon of rainbow hued hair. In her case, it’s pink which was achieved with the Crazy Color’s semi-permanent cream in Candy Floss according to her colourist Nicola Clarke. Madge debuted the new look in a series of selfies in which she announced her vote for Joe Biden in the US presidential election.

Madame X is a limited edition release with just 400 available here and on Madonna’s website. It retails for £190.