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MACStack Mascara Review – 2 brushes: Mega or Micro Brush?


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MACStack Mascara Review – 2 brushes: Mega or Micro Brush?
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I have been testing out the brand new MACStack Mascara from MAC Cosmetics and I have to say, I was instantly impressed. It comes in two options with different brushes. Here’s what you need to know!

What is MACStack Mascara by MAC Cosmetics?

MACStack Mascara
MACStack Mascara
  • Continuously buildable mascara
  • Clump-resistant formula
  • Flake-free and smudge-free
  • Designed to allow you to stack on infinite layers of volume and length
  • Available with two different brush types for personalised application
MACStack Mascara
MACStack Mascara

MACStack Mascara Mega Brush vs Micro Brush

MACStack Mascara
MACStack Mascara

So, as I said, the MACStack mascara is available to buy in two different versions. They both have the same formula, however, you can choose between the Mega Brush and the Micro Brush.

  • The Mega Brush – delivers instant volume at first swipe and is ideal for longer or upper lashes
MACStack Mascara Mega Brush
MACStack Mascara Mega Brush
  • The Micro Brush – delivers ultra-precise, controlled application and is ideal for shorter lashes or lower lashes.
MACStack Mascara - Micro Brush
MACStack Mascara – Micro Brush

Both brushes are fairly rigid and are not those super bendy ones that can cause a love / hate response.

Before & After Photos

Here’s the before photo with no mascara:

macstack mascara review before

I decided to to do one eye with the Mega Brush and the other with the Micro Brush so that you can see how I got on with both options.

Mega Brush

One coat with the Mega Brush:

1 coat Mega Brush
1 coat Mega Brush

Two coats with the Mega Brush:

2 Coats Mega Brush
2 Coats Mega Brush

Micro Brush

Please note that the left side of the following photos are the Mega Brush results from the photos above. The Micro brush results are shown on the right side of the photos.

One coat with the Micro Brush:

1 Coat Micro Brush (right side)
1 Coat Micro Brush (right side)

Two coats with the Micro Brush:

2 Coats Micro Brush (right side)
2 Coats Micro Brush (right side)

I asked my partner to tell me which one he preferred and he said they looked pretty similar but he preferred the Micro Brush side! I found the Mega Brush easier to use, so I think that’s my favourite.

What do you think?

And because the claim is that you can layer and layer this mascara to your heart’s content without it going crazy, I decided to try SEVEN coats!

Here’s what that looks like on my lashes:

MACStack Mascara - Seven Coats!
MACStack Mascara – Seven Coats!

I think once you start to build that much volume, you start to lose the length as the weight of the product pulls down the lashes. I am definitely a fan of the length and volume ratio that two coats provides.

My Review of MACStack Mascara

I love a good volumising and lengthening mascara and I think I definitely got both of these from MACStack Mascara.

With the Mega Brush, I saw instant length and volume, even from the first coat, and I really like the way that the formula and brush combination fans out the lashes.

For me, two coats is perfect for a good dramatic effect, and I loved the look of my lashes every time I caught site of them. Seven coats for my experiment was way too much for the kind of look that I want and as I said above, once you start building a lot of volume, you tend to sacrifice the length. It did prove that you can keep building without it looking completely clumped up.

For some reason, I found the Micro Brush slightly harder to use, probably because it’s not the type of brush I am used to. However, I still really loved the effect after two coats, and I think both eyes looked equally impressive when I had both types on.

With two generous coats, neither felt heavy or clumpy and I didn’t notice any smudging or flaking, so the formula performed well!

When I did the seven coats, which I have to say was rather fun, it was obviously a much heavier look than I would usually go for!!

It actually wore really well and the lashes stayed super flexible but there was a whole lot of black stuff when it came to taking it off!!

Is MACStack Mascara tubing?

No MACStack is not a tubing mascara. You can remove it with your regular makeup remover.

If you are interested in tubing mascaras, check out the following reviews:

Does is smudge or flake?

When I wore it with two coats, I didn’t get any smudging or flaking and I found that it wore really well until I took it off at bedtime.

I had a lot more smudging during the application of the seven coat affair which is not surprising because I am not used to wearing that amount of mascara!

Obviously, with that amount of product, it takes longer to dry, so you have to be careful until it is completely set.

Is it good for volume?

I love the volume that two coats of this formula delivers. Obviously you can really build up the volume as demonstrated by my seven coat extravaganza. Even with seven coats, clumping wasn’t really a problem! I have done worse jobs with other mascaras in two coats!

Can you re-apply / top up later in the day?

I am yet to test this, but will report back soon when I can test this on a normal amount of coats.

Is it a wet formula?

It is a creamy formula that a little on the wet side but not so wet that product flicks on to places you don’t want it. The more you layer, the wetter it gets, and if you go for several coats, you just need to make sure you allow it to dry before going near it. It actually dries down very efficiently so you don’t need to be careful for too long.

Is it waterproof?

No this isn’t a waterproof formula.

Does it hold a curl?

With a normal amount of coats (two for me), I found that the curl held really well. I never use lash curlers, but every time I looked in the mirror I felt that my lashes looked pretty and lifted.

How easy is it to remove?

I found it easy to remove. I have been using the Biossance Squalane and Elderberry Jelly Cleanser* and it came off quite swiftly. When I did the seven coats, my face had a lot of black on it while I was cleansing, and it took a bit more time to come off, but that’s understandable!

Is it good for short lashes?

I think this is where you should choose the Micro brush which has been designed to catch shorter lashes and also for lower lash application.

Which brush should you choose?

I am a fan of the Mega brush and find it easier to work with. The Mega brush is designed to work well on longer lashes. If you have shorter lashes, MAC recommend choosing the Micro brush.

Where to buy it

The new MACStack Mascara is £26 and available now via the links below:



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