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Link Retail People Counting System – All You Need to Know


If you operate in the retail space and need to know about customer traffic data for analyzing sales, revenue, and efficiency of the business, Link Retail’s people counting software is the perfect option for you. It offers a counting system through which retailers can assess the number of visitors, which is an essential component of business management. It also allows retailers to collect valuable information about their customers’ buying habits, which helps them serve better. Today, several stores have deployed new tech-based systems to safeguard their customers amidst the threat of the spread of the pandemic virus. These devices allow companies to properly track the number of customers in a retail store and make appropriate adjustments without spending extra time and effort to measure foot traffic manually.

Link Retail is a company that specializes in providing modern and effective retail solutions. Its user-friendly software renders easiness and a simple working process for the customer. Even those who aren’t familiar with tech-savvy devices can utilize them. Every customer of Link Retail receives a unique and personalized service, focusing on understanding business and support.

People Counting with Conversion Rate

The most fundamental and beneficial KPI, conversion rate, is used by people counting numbers mixed with sales figures. Retailers want accurate and trustworthy footfall counter numbers to evaluate the performance of their stores. Furthermore, such software enables an organization to collect data and analyze underlying patterns and trends in customer behavior. This type of research goes far beyond determining the most popular days and times. For example, a company can solve how weather affects foot traffic, or online sales affect a store’s occupancy. Link Retail’s software is the most cost-effective solution and advanced analytic technology. The people counting system is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, LinkVision. With the help of innovative AI software platforms, ordinary CCTV cameras are transforming into the world’s most accurate and versatile counter cameras. Link Retail offers AI-based object detection and auto-calibration models for standard CCTV cameras with intelligent sensing capabilities. Staff exclusion, retail store occupancy and visiting time, and shopping time metrics are some of the unique features of Link Retail.

Benefits of Link Retail

The conversion rate helps explain the retail management tasks, including marketing, staff, pricing, and daily operations. Low-cost CCTV cameras are integrated with Link Retail’s software AI algorithms to create the most cost-effective counting product.

• For hardware implementation costs, the best performance and price ratio is available.

• Staff moves are excluded from counting reports.

• Occupancy refers to the number of people who are inside a store.

• Counting results filter by visiting time.

#1 AI-Powered Counting

LinkVision is an AI-based video content analysis technology made by Link Retail. LinkVision apps outperform 2D and 3D stereo-based video analytic products with an AI-based object recognition engine. The counter cameras can be placed at the store entrance, and LinkVision can recognize individual shoppers based on their appearance and behaviors. The counting platform performs analytical tasks such as employee detection, shopping period, and occupancy assessments.  Most importantly, counting statistics can be filtered based on customer shopping time parameters. In contrast to competitors who use 3D vision, Link Retail counters have the clear advantage of using low-cost hardware components.

#2 Counting Algorithms

With AI recognition algorithms, the counter cameras can distinguish between various types of items such as humans, shopping carts, and baby trolleys. Furthermore, the counting method readily eliminates errors caused by environmental constraints such as shadowing and fluctuating lighting. Retail footfall counters are designed and optimized specifically for retail locations. With AI models and computer vision algorithms, Link Retail achieves high counting accuracy.

#3 Occupancy Monitoring System

Link Retail counters provide the occupancy and visiting time metrics. The number of visitors can be filtered based on their time, and non-behavioral data can be viewed too. When the peak time or least effective hours are known, it can help managers and administrators make operational decisions better. The Occupancy Signs application from Link Retail is a solution for monitoring the real-time occupancy level of retail businesses. The solution includes artificial intelligence (AI)-based sensors that count and monitor individuals entering and exiting your store. It also examines the store’s occupancy rate concerning its capacity.

Benefits of Occupancy Monitoring

The Occupancy’s Signs System works with the cameras installed at the store’s entrance to monitor inbound and outbound retail store traffic. It can display visual signs on digital screens to notify customers about real-time occupancy rates. If there is a high occupancy rate, customers will also be asked to wait outside the store until it is safe to enter. This eliminates the requirement for a security guard to be stationed at the entrance to control the number of people. Alternatively, businesses can better understand how the holiday seasons affect their occupancy. Individual companies’ business goals might be used to examine data. 

The vast improvement in customer service is one of the most valuable benefits of people-counting systems. Businesses that utilize these technologies can optimize their business model to meet all customer demands, including minimizing queue lines by recognizing peak business hours. The customer will never have to deal with traffic this way. The history of occupancy numbers provided by the Occupancy Signs system is beneficial for store owners and managers in planning their daily activities.

About Us

Link Retail is a technology firm that offers effective solutions for retail space users. Stores, such as brick and mortar and other leading retailers, are aided through data analysis, efficient cameras, and advanced technologies to get the best possible results.  Using retail video analytics is an excellent option for stores that have to deal with hundreds of individuals in a single day. Heat mapping, shopper flow, and route mapping can be used to boost sales and customer retention by recording it through advanced cameras. In addition, the advanced AI technology excludes staff from the data to keep it manageable.


Link Retail offers exceptional products beneficial for your retail business or shopping stores. The cutting-edge Link Retail software provides store owners with crucial data to help them construct a better and more profitable store. Also, the software renders a significant advantage to those who do not have access to this technology.

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