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Know all about Diamond & Gold Investment 2022


Growing up, we all have had those conversations with our parents and elders about saving and investing for an unforeseen financial crisis in the future. And something I have heard the most from my parents is “Invest in Gold”, I am sure you are nodding your head. There are various options, too, like Market Shares, Bonds, Mutual Funds, SIP, Digital Currency, and Gold when it comes to investments. But for generations, gold has been the preferred option for many households.

There are many ways to decide what form of investment best serves you. As easy as it is today, information is just a few clicks and a read away to get all the investment you need. If you decide to invest in gold or diamonds, the easiest and quickest is gold bars or coins. But by adding diamond and gold jewellery to the mix, you get yourself an asset to enhance and add to your jewellery collection simultaneously.

Diamond or Gold – Which is a better investment option?

The diamond is elegantly elite, and gold is quintessential. With both gold and diamonds holding such a special place in the modern application of styling and fashion, how do you choose which to invest in? Is investing in gold the best option for you? or Is it better to invest in a diamond?

Investment in Gold

The phrase “It is not a good time to invest in gold” is a myth. The price of this precious metal fluctuates daily, making it one of the best long-term investment options. Gold has also been a trust asset for consumers as it safeguards the investment decisions. And there are every form of gold investment options out there, which make sure there’s something for you too!. 

Investment in Diamond

When deciding to invest in diamonds or gold, the latter wins from the traditional preference of the masses. But the same has changed over the years with people wanting the benefit of investing in diamonds and gold together and fulfilling their jewellery desires. Diamond prices rise steadily over time with the sourcing of diamonds being done worldwide and its availability to the market. Today going for gold jewellery, consumers mostly want diamond to be a part of it anyway, and that makes it a great investment option in itself.

Let’s also have a quick look at the list below with some questions running through our minds, shall we?

  •  Is it good to buy gold on Akshaya Tritiya?
    – Akshaya Tritiya is considered one of if not the most auspicious days to buy gold, whether it be gold coins, gold bars, or gold jewellery that serves multiple purposes and needs.
  • Which investment in gold is best?
    – If we look at generalized purchase history, people have invested in gold coins and gold bars, but gold and diamond jewellery has picked up on this opportunity as it gives both the benefits of investment and accessory.
  • What should we buy on Akshaya Tritiya?
    – The decision to purchase something special can be different for everyone. There are hard-line rules that one would need to follow. But keeping to the traditions and festive understanding of Akshaya Tritiya, it would be more satisfactory to invest in gold. Check out Candere’s Digi Gold for such an investment option.
  •  Can I invest in gold online?
    – Unlike before, the purchase of gold and diamonds and fine jewellery online has seen a tremendous jump, with well-known offline jewellers now establishing their presence online as there is a market for it. Check out our DGRP option where you can lock the gold rate and book your gold jewellery at 10%.

So, if you’re looking for gold and diamond investment opportunities in 2022, look no further. You’re looking at a bright horizon of Akshaya Tritiya and Candere’s Campaign “Aapki Khwaishein Zaroori Hain, Isliye Humari Taiyari Poori Hain” with beautiful designs of gold and diamond jewellery, as well as for those who prefer to buy gold coins and gold bars in the traditional way. So, if you’re thinking about making a long-term investment and expanding your jewellery collection, visit Candere.com and be part of our growing community and avail advantages to Save and Style at the same time.



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