September 21, 2023


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International Women’s Day 2018 – Anice Jewellery

International Women's Day 2018
– Anice Jewellery

Below at Anice, we are fortuitous more than enough to do the job in an environment that has been designed, grown and nurtured by women. Everything we do and anything that we stand for, is since of and inspired by the beautiful and strong women who wander by way of our doorway on the normal. We would be almost nothing without the creative imagination and enthusiasm that the girls all over is exude, and in change, encourage us to exude alongside them.

To rejoice Intercontinental Women’s Day, and as an ode to girls in basic, we have developed items that can be purchased customized for on your own, your mama, your bff, and so on. 

Scroll down to see this restricted edition collection xo 


The Girl Bum Signet 


Stand Up Pendant with Of Love Studio Card 


Sturdy Females Pendant with Of Appreciate Studio Card 



Dear Gals, I like you Pendant with Of Like Studio Card 



Alter the Entire world Pendant 



Forgive You Pendant 



The Upcoming is Feminine Pendant 


Connect with or e-mail us straight to get your International Women’s Working day Piece… #THEFUTUREISFEMALE <3


The Anice Team