September 25, 2023


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Hubbards launches high-fibre Bran-ola in Australia


Transforming the humble Bran, Hubbards has introduced Bran-ola, the toasted crunch of granola with the healthy goodness of fibre, to the Australian market.

Containing both pre and probiotics, Bran-ola for breakfast is a tasty way to assist in “the maintenance of gut health for a happy tummy (one billion CFU / per serving).”

Creators of New Zealand’s “first” muesli, Hubbards has been a breakfast inventor for over thirty years and prides itself on “turning humble, honest ingredients into extraordinary, exciting food which fuel people with energy and inspiration to start their day.”

“Our mission at Hubbards is to help consumers say goodbye to boring breakfasts, and good morning to an option that’s not only packed full of goodness, but also tastes delicious too. That’s why we’re thrilled to be launching Bran-ola into Woolworths across Australia,” says Walter and Wild Marketing Manager Melanie Kyle.

Adding a little extra crunch to busy days, Hubbards Bran-ola is available in two tasty flavours; Raspberry and Blueberry for a fruity flavour-bomb, and Almond and Chia for all the nutty goodness.

Wrapped in a simple, resealable, soft-plastics recyclable pack, the new Bran-ola range (RRP $9/400g) is available at selected Woolworths supermarkets nationally.


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