September 26, 2023


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How to take care of your Oodie Blanket?

An oodie is one thing that requires the least amount of maintenance and care to keep it in good condition. While some clothes burn a hole in your pocket, these oversized blanket sweatshirts love your pockets and keep them safe. They also do not require premium types of care or special ingredients to keep them alive.

Here are some tips that will help you in keeping your hooded blanket in a good condition and keep it working for years and years:

  • Read the care instructions properly

Your hooded blanket comes with clear instructions on how you can take proper care of your oodie. Every oodie has a specific mention of how to wash it, what products to use for cleaning it, how to store it, and everything required for good maintenance of oodies. These are very general instructions and can be followed very easily without putting any extra burden on your pockets. Once you start following the instructions, you will need the minimum time to keep your oodie in its best form. 

Some oodies are machine friendly while the others require dry-cleaning. If your oodie is not machine washable don’t put it in the machine as it will ruin the softness and comfortable fabric of your big blanket sweatshirt. Also, read about the material your oodie is made up of and google the care requirements of that material and that’s all. 

  • Fold and keep it properly

The best way to keep your giant hoodie blanket in a form like brand new is to keep it folded in a proper manner after every use. This protects the oodie from any extra stains or dust formation over time. Keeping your blanket sweatshirt in your wardrobes or even any covered place is going to keep it safe from any stitch or any yarn coming out. It will also keep the fleece soft and warm like your oodie is brand new. 

  • Have a separate storage bag for your oodie

It is always great to have a separate storage bag for your blanket sweatshirt. This helps in keeping your oodie free from any accumulation of lint from other clothes in your wardrobe. Having a separate storage bag will also protect your oodie from extra wrinkles or fading of color. It will also keep its inner lining warm for a long time. If you have a separate storage bag for your big blanket sweatshirt, it will require less washing or dry cleaning. 

  • Keep it stain-free

The best way to keep your oodie brand new is to keep it free from stains. Since your blanket sweatshirt can be worn at all places and during all occasions, it is important to be cautious about eatables falling or dripping on your oodie. This results in fading of the color or ruining the design of your beautiful hooded sweatshirt. 

Some designs like cow print oodie, fairy oodie, koala oodies, etc. are made of bright colors that can get stained very soon. These designs require a bit of extra care to keep them lively. 

A giant hoodie blanket enhances your looks in a way you can hardly imagine. Since it loves you unconditionally, it is important for you to love your blanket hoodie at some levels. A small amount of care and love for your blanket hoodie will keep you warm and comfy for a long time and you are definitely going to love it.