July 19, 2024


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How to Style Men’s Hipster Look?

How to Style Men’s Hipster Look? 

The hipster philosophy is much more than a pair of vintage clothes and a bushy beard. It is a much deeper style, which seeks to move away from current fashion, from the hackneyed mainstream, and ironically, it is one of the trends that most penetrate the hearts of young people today. Modern, Vlone fashion, casual, sarcastic perhaps, but definitely original, there are some details that cannot be missing in your wardrobe if you want to dress like a real hipster. We show it to you here. Read carefully.

Pants: Elegance in Chaos

In this section, tight jeans or skinny jeans work very well. Roll them up above the ankle, and include any retro elements you can think of. Your pants may be faded, or even torn, although if it is the summer months, you can bet on denim shorts.

Another aspect that you cannot stop taking into account is that hipster fashion is defined by combining your pieces in layers. Here you can fearlessly implement several garments in the same outfit, and most importantly: ensure that they do not combine with each other. Try to make your outfit give the impression that you have not put the slightest interest in selecting it.

This idea may take a while to assimilate, but hipster fashion is that revolutionary and daring, because it combines luxury pieces with low cost elements.

Hipsters Accessories: What you can’t Miss

To conceive a hipster touch with bohemian or intellectual touches, there is nothing like going out with a pair of sunglasses or glasses made of plastic. The funny thing here is that the bigger your glasses are, the more hipsters you will look.

Make sure they take up a good part of your face, and if you don’t have vision problems, it doesn’t matter, get some glasses that are not prescription. To further reinforce your alternative hipster look, you will also need a shoulder bag or backpack. Forget about backpacks and go for a handcrafted shoulder bag or one made with natural materials. Include your laptop in it, and place an animal sticker on the outside. You will look like a complete hipster!

If you have also thought about getting a tattoo, this is the time to do it, because hipsters wear it, especially on the neck or arms. To complete your style, don’t forget to go for gloves, hats, scarves and scarves, especially if they have been made by hand. In this sense, vintage garments will become your best ally. Visit a thrift store and make it your temple of fashion.

Singular T-Shirts for a Singular Person

Hooded sweatshirts, V-neck t-shirts, patterned pieces, wool capes and hats, and college-style coats, are some of the elements that should populate your wardrobe. Here, the search for the alternative is the most important, because hipster fashion is defined by concepts such as casual, urban and comfortable.

You can also go to plaid shirts or print t-shirts, where you should not miss images of some legendary bands such as Pink Floyd, Van Halen or Metallica, or perhaps themes from the 80s or environmental series. In any case, it is a good resource to get your t-shirts to carry a unique message about music or cinema. Also, remember that Vlone love hoodie is a key in hipster fashion.

On the other hand, do not forget to include pieces of plaid, flannel, plaid, and even some other floral motif. A leather jacket or a fitted blazer, combined with skinny jeans, is a typical outfit for hipsters, and you can even try to roll up your sleeves or button up your shirt to the last button.

Finally, the Hair of a Hipster

For hair, there are many options within hipster fashion. You can wear it short, long or with a medium height, and you can even dare to scrape a portion of it.

For long hair, there is nothing like collecting it in a very high ponytail, or loosening your hair and complementing it with a very thick beard. Combed back with a little cream or fixative, loose with a parting in the middle for a more “wild” look, choose the one you like the most.

If you decide to pick it up, don’t miss a few unkempt and loose strands outside the ponytail. If your hair is mid-length, you can comb it back and then to the side, for a more informal style.

Finally, for short hair, the key is to shave it down the sides (it can even be shaved completely), and let the remaining hair on top fall casually to the back or to the side. You could even try your luck with a hipster toupee, as they wear a lot this season.