February 21, 2024


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How To Choose To Wear Twine and Twig Jewelry?

These are all very simple rules that together form the jewel of the jewels, let’s see them together.

– How many jewels choose to wear

 The golden premise of the jewelry etiquette is: few precious and quality. It’s better to take out a jewel than to add it, I’m telling you clearly.

So I recommend: Do not wear so many jewelry at once, why is it clear (though not at all, apparently!). Falling in on the safe is not synonymous with wealth (much less elegance!), But rather posthumous and pure cafone enrichment.

Similarly, it is not chic to wear all the rings you have in one shot, filling the fingers of both hands. It’s okay, you do not.

Do you want to make sure you never go wrong? Then opt for a studied simplicity, tapping with wisdom and good sense the jewelry, harmonizing them with the shape of the face, the silhouette and the look.

– Jewelry from day and evening

 Starting from the assumption that if you want to be chic you never have to wear twine and twig jewelry too, you do not even have to be out of time with your precious look.

The etiquette of jewels provides day wear golden chains or pearl necklaces, rings with medium value stones (aquamarine, jade, lapis, turquoise, coral, morganite, etc.) while diamond jewelry white or green emeralds, rubies and blue sapphires.

In the same way important jewels are served for important occasions. And once again, they are more important, less need to wear so many!

– Wear the lonely diamond and chevalier

 The etiquette of jewels predicts that if the brilliant solitaire is the engagement ring you are quiet because you can wear it from morning till night without any problems. I’ll go in case they have given you a diamond ring.

The  chevalier is the gold seal ring that some carry on the little finger of the left hand, though the jewel of the jewels predicts that they will be brought to the right hand. At one time it was a symbol of nobility and had the coat of arms of the family, but today they are also bought second-hand with the heraldic coat of arms, that is, of no value and even made of silver.

– How to match jewels to look

 The jewelry galaxy must be worn according to the event, outfit or situation as it has a special resemblance with your overall personality.

In case you choose to wear a fancy dress that is full of colors then the necklace you select should not be too much of glittery rather go for a simple line jewel. Those who have a sober appearance can point towards a particular jewel those come with colored stones.