July 24, 2024


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How To Choose Baby Clothes For The Day Of His Christening?

How To Choose Baby Clothes For The Day Of His Christening?

The christening is one of the traditional events and the first that you will spend with your baby. It is a date full of emotion in which family and friends gather in a celebration that will never be forgotten and will remain in the memory albums.

We know that for this date you want everything to be perfect and part of this is the clothing that you will choose for your baby on this special day, with which you surely want him to stand out and win all the attention. That is why in this blog entry we share some very good recommendations and options in the search for the ideal clothing.

The big day of the christening of your baby is approaching, we wish you a very special date in which you can share and celebrate with all of yours. Remember that in prettykid.com wholesale girl clothes you will always find the ideal clothes for a baptism or any celebration.

The selection of the color is the first step to choose the clothes of the day of your christening

If you want to go hand in hand with the tradition of this ceremony, the color white is the one that best represents purity, peace and innocence with an elegant image that highlights each of the ornaments and embroidery that especially the girls’ dresses bring.

Neutral colors are also a great trend in children’s clothing on the day of their christening. The gray color is par excellence the best example of this, both in boys and girls this color gives the clothing an elegant and modern touch that continues to respect the formality of the ceremony.

If you want to add a bit of versatility to the clothing while preserving the traditions again, the blue and pink colors are the ones that best adapt to this position because they are sober colors that do not lose elegance and allow to give a more vibrant brushstroke.

Clothing style for the christening is a matter of taste

For every taste and occasion there is a style that adapts to every need, for the baptism we know that there is a formal dress code but the alternatives are not scarce for this reason.

For girls you can choose dresses or complete sets for this occasion, complementing them with accessories that highlight all their beauty and tenderness.

In the case of children, christening garments are also abundant. For them you can combine trousers with an elegant jacket or a whole special outfit for this occasion.

Ceremony and reception a different dress

Baptisms are generally made up of two stages. The first is the ceremony that takes place in a different place than the reception, which is when family and friends are ready to share and sit in a meeting.

For this reason, you can choose two types of clothing for each moment, it is a very good idea if the reception place is decorated with a specific color or a special theme and the baby’s clothing combines with these, being a special detail on the day of his christening.

Comfort and fitting of the christening clothes days before

Days before the big date, it is important that you do a test of the clothes that your baby is going to wear to be sure that they are comfortable and will not cause any discomfort. Allowing you to be calm at all times and enjoying this special celebration for his or her.

Pay attention to the weather on the day of the ceremony

It may sound obvious, but it can give you a great advantage on the day of the ceremony, having foreseen that the weather for that day may change; it is worth wearing additional clothes that protect your baby from the cold or in the case of an unforeseen event. You need to put a new change of clothes on your baby.