June 21, 2024


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How Late Does USPS Deliver? EVERYTHING You Need to Know


Now that the USPS is delivering Amazon packages by the millions every year, it has many shoppers wondering if they’ll get their packages delivered late at night, or after their regular mail is delivered. So I decided to go out and figure out just how late USPS will deliver regular mail along with packages. The short answer is it depends and the long answer will require you to continue reading. I hope you find this information useful.

How Late Does USPS Deliver? EVERYTHING You Need to Know

So…How Late Does USPS Deliver to My Address?

According to the USPS, their “official” cut off time for package delivery is 5 p.n..

But it’s not uncommon for mail delivery to to be well after 5 p.m., especially under certain circumstances.

Specifically, circumstances like bad weather, and increased package delivery due to the Christmas holiday, can push deliveries all the way to 9 p.m. or later.

I’ve personally had Amazon packages (delivered by the USPS) show up on my doorstep well after 8 p.m. in mid-December.

Often times the late deliver will be the result of a “second run” of packages, usually delivered by seasonal workers, to try to reduce package bottleneck in December.

Do I Have to Be Home to Get Late Delivery?


The only exception to this “rule” is if a signature is required in order for a letter or package to be delivered.

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Will USPS Take a Scheduled Pick-Up After Hours?


If you set-up a scheduled pickup with the postal service they will still grab it, even if it’s after-hours.

If it’s dark out you may want to put your package in a well lit area so the postal carrier can find it easily.

Will Amazon Packages Be Delivered After Regular Mail?


Amazon packages delivered by the USPS will ALWAYS be delivered with the regular mail, even at night after 5 p.m..

This goes for all packages, not just those brown boxes we tend to collect from Amazon.

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Does Late Delivery Happen on Weekends Too?


It doesn’t matter what day of the week, it’s still possible to get delivery as late as 9 p.m. under certain circumstances.

Does It Make a Difference If I Live in a Rural Area?

Possibly, yes.

I live out in the country and there have been many days when I get late delivery.

After talking to my postal carrier, he said that many rural carriers have trouble getting everything done by 5 pm, especially when their van is packed full of Amazon packages.

What About Late Night “Overnight” Delivery?

If you send a package with overnight shipping, (also known as Priority Mail Express) and are wondering if it’s possible to get it delivered on the same day, but with late night delivery, this WILL NOT happen.

Mail carriers will typically only delivery the packages that were loaded on their vehicle in the morning, making it impossible for the above scenario to actually happen.

Ask the Reader: What’s the latest time that the USPS has delivered to your address? Was it after 8 pm? Let me know in the comments, thanks.

By Kyle James


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