May 27, 2024


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Four Tracksuit Brands To Buy in 2021

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Tracksuits have been a popular style in the United Kingdom for several years now. You can go back to the 80s/ 90s when football hooligans wore them to the matches. Some of those brands that were popular back then are still going today. However, the plain tracksuit style has changed slightly and gone for a more loungewear look. Here are some of the best tracksuit brands that are out there today. 


One of the most popular tracksuit brands that exist in the UK at the moment. They are masters at men’s full tracksuits and have dominated with them for several years now. Adidas is notorious for their three-stripe on the majority of the clothing that they produce. This was also one of the main brands that existed back in the 80s for tracksuits. The material that they use for their tracksuits is not only lightweight but is very comfy. If you need to shed a few pounds and break a sweat then the Adidas tracksuit will certainly be the one.


Nike is another popular brand when it comes to their plain tracksuits. Nike is the number one competitor to Adidas due to the quality of their clothing being so similar. Not only are they masters of the style of a tracksuit. But they also create great sportswear for both men and women. As well as technical jackets that seem to be the current trend at the moment for men. It is hard to differentiate between both Adidas and Nike. It all depends on what you prefer in terms of quality and style. 

Fred Perry

This is a much more premium style to a tracksuit compared to the other two brands that have been mentioned. It carries a very modern twist to the style of tracksuit that we know today. There isn’t too much going on with their tracksuits as well. They tend to be plain with just the logo printed on the chest of the tracksuit and one of the legs. Wear a clean pair of white trainers to go with this and then you are rocking the look. 


Kenzo produces a different style of tracksuits than the rest of the brands that have been mentioned. Kenzo goes for a full loungewear look. The top will be more of a sweater/ jumper rather than a ¼ zip pullover top. It is a highly casual design and is one of those outfits where you are binging Netflix all day. However, when worn separately, the Kenzo jumper can go with many different styles, as well as the joggers. 


To Conclude

The United Kingdom loves the idea of the tracksuit. There are so many different brands to choose from that it is easy to understand why. They come in a range of different styles as well. In recent years, streetwear brands such as Supreme have decided to create their style of tracksuits. Another brand that has designed tracksuits in recent years is Gucci.