September 25, 2023


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Fashion Spotlight: Jack Curry – aGOODoutfit


Jack Curry fashionista

YES Network

Working in a high profile environment requires you to feel your best at all times. If you feel great, you will perform great. And when you perform great, the rewards and benefits will come in their own manner. This is the case for New York Yankees analyst Jack Curry, whose combination of outstanding personality and a classy fashion sense helps make him a successful YES Network (The Yankee Entertainment and Sports Network) broadcaster.

While interviewing Curry, I wanted to pick his brain on how he approaches his look on an everyday basis. With every good outfit, there are certain keys that help when attempting to put specific items together to create an image. Curry had the following to say on the subject.

“A lot of sophistication and a little splash,” Curry expressed. “I always want to look like I’m ready for an important TV show, but I like to also have something (tie or pocket square) that also makes it look like I’m also ready to have some fun.”

The balance between business and having fun is a great combination in regards to what it takes to be both a television star and a trusted source when uncovering information for one of the greatest sports dynasties of all time.

Even though all work outfits sometimes consist of the same things for Jack, it doesn’t hurt to have a personal favorite in the collection. When asked about his personal favorite, Curry had this to say:

“The newest suit in my closet is always my latest favorite item! There’s something so cool and comfortable about slipping into a new, tailored suit. Makes you feel like you can conquer any obstacles.”

Mr. Jack Curry is the epitome of what it takes to have a good fashion sense when entering the work world. If you are able to dress the way you like, every day can be enjoyable. This is because the best way you can have a good day, is to just be yourself and look good doing it.

Check out Jack in action below wearing a clean gray suit with a checkered pocket square and cosmos colored tie.


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