June 17, 2024


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Fashion designer Prasad Bidappa’s son Adam Bidappa arrested for sending obscene texts to actor

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Adam Bidappa, son of fashion designer Prasad Bidappa, was on Friday arrested for allegedly sending obscene messages to a Kannada film actor.

“Me & my family are in extreme shock and have been brutally attacked on WhatsApp by a certain VVIP’s son… He was completely drunk and out of his senses on Friday night at 11 pm on February 25, when he sent me those messages… The messages are abusive, brutal, disgusting, cheap, hurting, very very insulting and have caused a lot of mental disturbance to me in the last one week,” the actor said in a statement shared with the media. “I am seven months pregnant. I am refraining from indulging in anything that causes negative energy…” she added.

The actor filed a complaint on Thursday at the Indiranagar police station.

Stating that she had a lot of respect for Prasad Bidappa, the actor said she was told by Adam’s mother that he had previously harassed other people in the same way after getting drunk. “I truly feel bad for his parents to be going through this. But I am helpless. I need to safeguard myself.”

The actor said she wouldn’t spare anyone who defamed her or her family, adding that the past “one or two years had been extremely challenging for her”.