April 20, 2024


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Costume Designer Sam Perry on the best fashion looks in Killing Eve Season 4

The British show’s final season has arrived, and the cast is going out with a bang. Starring Sandra Oh (as Eve Polastri, a British Intelligence investigator) and Jodie Comer (as the assassin Villanelle), the TV series is based on Luke Jennings’s novel series Villanelle

If you have yet to see this show, you should. Here’s why — both Oh and Comer have bagged multiple Best Actress awards (including a Screen Actors Guild Awards for Oh) for their roles on Killing Eve

The series itself has received awards as well, including a Best Drama Series at the British Academy Television Awards. These are on top of a long list of nominations the cast and crew received for their work. Tune in to this show on the BBC Player or on Unifi TV. 

Back in season 1, with costume designer Phoebe de Gaye heading the team, Killing Eve cemented their place in TV’s fashion world. Designed by Molly Goddard, this pink tulle dress worn by Comer signalled a moment in fashion, inspiring an overwhelming and frothy show of pink in the coming award seasons of that year.  

Although the series’s focus is on the thrilling plot, the fashion choices made during the making of Killing Eve have left a significant impact on culture. For starters, Villanelle’s wardrobe is almost the opposite of what your typical femme fatale, international mercenary type would wear on screen.

On her assignments, she opted for casual, everyday pieces, saving her best looks for her assassin off-duty days. On the other hand, Oh’s Eve Polastri hovers toward the opposite end of the sartorial spectrum. 

Now that we’re getting closer to the resolution of the show, a shift has taken place. “One, my clothes are better. I was so jealous of Villanelle’s wardrobe. It’s been nice to then, in a believable way, take up parts of Villanelle that Eve has integrated and made her own,” shares Sandra Oh. 

Jodie Comer as Villanelle on Killing Eve season 4
Image credit: BBC

And after how things were left off in season 3 of Killing Eve, Jodie Comer mentions how “it’ll be a real treat for the viewers” when asked what the audience can expect from Villanelle’s costumes.

For this climactic season, costume designer Sam Perry shared with Prestige Malaysia the process the designer team had gone through to achieve Killing Eve season 4 looks.

Featured image credit: BBC