December 5, 2023


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Choosing your Clothing for the Muay Thai sport

What to Wear for Muay Thai

So you have finally chosen to participate in the best combat sport around, well that’s great. However, an area that will unexpectedly give you so much trouble is choosing the right clothes.  

Just like every sport, Muay Thai has its peculiar sport wears. They protect the fighter from hard injuries, provide them with grip, and keeps their body together. Yet, it doesn’t mean a fighter should wear a crappy-looking piece of clothing.  

The Muay Thai clothing industry has done a whole lot to make sure that fighters are not only safe on the training/fighting ring but can even look classy. And that is why you have to do your shopping at stores dedicated to Muay Thai clothing accessories.  

So what are some of the special Muay Thai accessories you need? 

  • Fighting gloves 

The fighting gloves used in Muay Thai are quite different from the usual boxing gloves. The Muay Thai governing body prioritizes the safety of Muay Thai fighters and usually prefers fighters to wear the recommended gloves.  

The recommended ones are usually padded with more foam, breathable, and have more grip.  

So, do not be surprised if your gloves are rejected for not meeting standards.    

  • Racer sports bra 

Muay Thai is a general sport and considers all. Sports bra wear is available for women fighters. 

It helps them maintain body coordination, protect their upper chest region, and reduce slipping of cloth. 

This sportswear is available at the different Muay Thai stores. 

  • Muay Thai shorts 

Muay Thai shorts are crucial clothing for a fighter. Not only must they be free, but they must grip tightly to the waist and should be breathable.  

There are also lots of stylish Muay Thai shorts available. In addition to distinguishing between fighters (blue & red, white & black), they also come in all attractive styles and designs.  

Make sure to pick the best shorts, as bad ones can leave you uncomfortable throughout your training/fight.  

  • Muay Thai gym bags 

You will also need a bag to contain all your Muay Thai accessories and extras. These bags must not only be wide, but they must also be easier and stylish to carry about.  

Although any other gym bag will do, nothing says classy like rocking a custom-made Muay Thai bag to the gym.  

  • Fight trainers        

Of course, not all shoes/trainers are for fighting/sports. You need custom-made shoes to get better friction, grip, and athletic advantage.  

While I am not recommending any make, good trainers from a Muay Thai store should do. The dangers of using the average sneakers are that you will lose out on the athletic advantage, and may even get injured.  

Also, boots or hard shoes are not allowed in Muay Thai training, as they are harmful to the opponents. 

Wrapping Up 

The best sportswear starts from shopping for good Muay Thai shorts. It is wrong and impractical to use generic shorts to fight/train in Muay Thai. Even if you want to remain classy in your training attire, Muay Thai clothing stores will wow you with their stunning sportswear styles and packages. Suwit Muay Thai is a Muay Thai shop online from Thailand.  

Muay Thai sports wears are not just for safety, they can be stylish too.