June 19, 2024


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Brazilian Beauty Camila Coelho Has a Dry Shampoo Hack for Fine Hair

From Marie Claire

Chances are you’ve come across a YouTube makeup tutorial from fashion and beauty entrepreneur Camila Coelho. Or maybe you recognize the name from her eponymous clothing collection in partnership with Revolve. One thing’s for sure: Coelho is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. The mega-influencer recently launched a clean beauty line Elaluz which means “she is light” in Portuguese. “I truly believe every person has an individual light shining from within and once you allow that light to shine through you are automatically more confident, stronger, and even more beautiful,” says Coelho. Elaluz’s current offerings are made up of effortless beauty staples that work for everyone, including a lip and cheek stain, an ultra-hydrating lip balm, beauty oil, facial mist, and a dry texturizing hair spray. Below, this Brazilian beauty boss gives us a 24-hour look into her world.

Rise and Shine

I normally wake up at 8 a.m. The first thing I do is check WhatsApp as I use it to chat with my family. They like to send daily photos of my newborn nephew so that’s always great to wake up to.

Morning Maintenance

During quarantine, I’ve been giving myself a half hour to do my makeup. If I have to do full glam, I give myself one hour. My skincare consists of washing my face with water, applying my Elaluz Beauty Oil, then adding eye cream and de-puffing my face using a Gua Sha tool. I top everything off with sunscreen and my Elaluz 24K Lip Therapy. My hair is super fine and naturally straight so it gets oily easily. Every morning, I brush it and apply dry shampoo on my roots to make it look fresh and add texture. I sometimes style my hair in a bun or have it curly, but brushing and dry shampooing is still a must!

Signature Look

During quarantine, I have been going for a natural beauty look as much as possible: mascara, concealer and the Elaluz Lip & Cheek stain to give my face that natural flush.

Power Start

My go-to breakfast is scrambled eggs, black coffee, and my homemade Brazilian Pao De Queijo. It’s the perfect way to start the day.

Fitness Fix

I typically don’t have a lot of energy in the morning, so I work out in the afternoon. My workouts vary but once a week I will follow one of my virtual workouts that I do with my trainer Danny on my IGTV. Sometimes I go outside and play volleyball with my husband. We also love to go on bike rides together.

Self-Care Solutions

Mental health and wellness is so important to me. I take a few minutes at the beginning of each day to think about three things I am most grateful for. I also always take 10-15 minutes each day to step outside, take in the sun and be in nature. I started doing a 20 second hug with my husband every day and I think it’s also helped me relieve stress. When it comes to self-care, I try and do an at-home spa day once a week. I take a bath, put on a hair and face mask and take the time to just relax.

Worth It

I love the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 NO Phenol Normal to Oily Skin. It is expensive, but incredible! It helps the texture of my skin, closes the pores and deeply cleanses my face.


Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Concealer doesn’t crease and has great coverage! It’s so good and compares to other brands that I wear, like Dior and Nars.

Beauty Icon

My grandmother. She was always done up, even if she was just cooking in the kitchen.

Business Beginnings

I have been a beauty lover since I was a little girl. I remember watching my grandmother put on her own makeup and I suppose that’s when the dream of Elaluz was first born, at a very young age. I later worked at a makeup counter where I loved helping women and seeing, first-hand, the power of beauty and how it could inspire confidence. I then transitioned into sharing these beauty tips to a wider audience, on YouTube and now even more platforms, but Elaluz has always been the goal I’ve been working towards.

Words of Wisdom

My mom told me at a young age that there was no such thing as a dream too big. I found out I had epilepsy when I was really young and I struggled through my teens, but her advice always helped me through it.

Bedtime Beauty

If I wear makeup that day, I will double cleanse and then apply a toner, serum and eye cream. Lastly, I apply the Elaluz 24K Lip Therapy as an overnight mask for my lips. I also apply lotion to my entire face and body.

Lights Out

It’s been 11 p.m. during quarantine.

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